Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Dance!

Ok, so I was having a hard time recently....I was planning ahead at work, putting dates that I was sure of into my calendar/planner. When I got to my birthday, and realized that I was going to be TWENTY-FIVE (yes, you read that correctly - 25), I was completely overwhelmed by a myriad of emotions. On the one hand, I was excited, because 25 is a big birthday, which made me feel justified in having some sort of big celebration (or multiple celebrations, hehe)! On the other hand, I was so sad! I felt old for the first time in a long time, and there is so much I have yet to do that I want to do! I guess I felt like I would have accomplished more in my life by age 25 than I have at this stage in the game. So, I went through a small sort of personal crisis, and decided to try a new haircut. LOL! I know, that sounds completely ridiculous, but I needed some sort of change and anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely NOT one of those "it's-just-hair-it'll-always-grow-back" people. I do put the Chicken in Chicken Wing. But, needless to say, after explaining my mini-crisis to my super-awesome hairstylist, Brandi, she got very excited and decided that yes, we were going to cut blunt bangs! So, please see the before and after shots. Feel free to leave comments!
Until next time,
Chicken Wing
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