Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally! Beach Recap Sneak Peek!!!

Due to the fact that I have so much glamourous and fabulous shopping to do....okay, time to be honest...I have to go grocery shopping! (Seriously, can I get a Double Yuck for that?!?!) But, due to the fact that I have to go grocery shopping (DOUBLE YUCK!), I don't have time to give the full recap. But, I know that there are some faithful followers who want to know how our wonderful week of vacation went!

So, here is a photo sneak peek, complete with captions thought up by yours truly! :)

Let's begin, shall we?

Stunner Shades...yes, please! Mr. Chicken Wing & I

Umm...the birds really wanted a Doritos party. So we had one.

Okay, that's my island behind me. Thus the pose with the outstretched arms. What do you mean you don't believe me? This is crazy. Alright, that's Ocean Isle from the end of my beach, Sunset Beach.

Preface to the following two pictures. Model poses establish to onlookers that they are actually enjoying your beach. I think it's obvious that they should know that. (Sometimes, they honestly want to know what you're modeling for, but it's best to use discretion when that occurs.)

Model Pose Number One.

And, Model Pose Number Two.

I never really wanted the world to know about my love affair with Snow Crab legs. Oops, guess that's out.

And the last one......

Two pounds down. Absolutely no shame. Now, THAT'S a happy Chicken Wing!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek! There will be more to come at a later date. (I know, those were so fantastic that you're not sure how you'll be able to wait until then! Haha!)

Until next time,
A happily tanned Chicken Wing
(Don't worry, I wore sunscreen!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chicken Wing Quote of the Day!

For best view, click the image!

Courtesy of my favorite magazine, Real Simple.

Until next time,

Your inspired and refreshed Chicken Wing

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A True Honor...

As my faithful followers know, I am a HUGE supporter of the FOX hit show So You Think You Can Dance and last night was their 99th episode (I cannot wait for tonight's show - 100 episodes is a big deal).

Sure, they featured special guest judge Ellen Degeneres, who was hilarious, as usual. But something happened last night that left me honored to have been watching the show.

One of the world's best choreographers, Tyce DiOrio, created a piece that moved absolutely everyone in the audience. He used the power of dance to bring awareness to breast cancer, which has affected so many people. It's hard to imagine knowing someone who hasn't had to deal with cancer of some form, and breast cancer is one of the types that is seemingly unbiased in who it victimizes.

Tyce's number, featuring Top 8 contestants Melissa and Ade, was probably the most touching number I've ever seen, and I think that was evident by the fact that there was NOT a dry eye in the entire audience or judge's panel. I've never seen Head Judge Nigel Lythgoe cry before, but this number took him to a different place than normal, and it seemed that no one could remain composed while critiquing this work of dance excellence and genius. I'd like to share it with you, and if you know anyone who has faced or is facing this disease, please share it with them. I can't say that I've seen a more powerful exhibit of hope, and I want anyone who needs some hope to view this.

I pray that FOX will not take it down, as it raises awareness and creates positivity through adversity. I would never claim to own any rights to something this powerful and moving.

Please enjoy, and to those who are fighting - keep fighting. To those who have fought and won - congratulations. To those who have fought and lost - this piece will insure that everyone knows how hard you tried!

Melissa and Ade - "This Woman's Work" - song by Maxwell
Choreography by Tyce DiOrio

Keep fighting, and keep hoping.
Miss Inspired Chicken Wing

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5-Second Update!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Mr. Chicken Wing landed safely in Phoenix!!!

God is good! :)

He also had to rub in that his hotel is amazing, complete with a memory foam matress and a down comforter! (He did say that he wished I was there with him, so we'll let him off the hook for that!)

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Hello, friends!

The Chicken Wings are officially back from vacation and are busy and back at work! I apologize that I haven't had a chance to put up any pictures (or a recap, for that matter). I promise that I will be working on that in the very near future.

To recap the last few days for you, we sure have been busy! We got home from our beach excursion on Sunday, had a minor ant infestation that had to be taken care of on Monday morning, went back to work Monday, then I had to drop Mr. Chicken Wing off at the airport at 4:30am this morning to make his business-trip-to-Phoenix flight on time. Whew, we've been busy! As you can probably guess, we also had to do quite a bit of laundry in there to allow for the ultra-quick turnaround time between travels for Mr. Chicken Wing. But, we got it done, and he is currently in the air on his way to Arizona. Hopefully, I will be hearing from him soon that his second flight of the morning has touched down safely! (Keep your fingers (or chicken's feet) crossed for us!) He is going to Phoenix for a large company training, and I think it's cool because only he and one other colleague of his got to go! (Plus, he's never been to Arizona, so that should be really awesome!)

So, all in all, it's been a hectic start to the week. You know how it is when you come back to work after a week off - you have hundreds of emails to follow-up on, at least 5-10 voice mails to follow-up on, and everything is a complete emergency and has to be done right this second! Sometimes it can make you feel like, "Was it really worth it to take time off???"

As for me, this year, the answer was still YES! It was totally worth it!

So, I can't wait to update you on the week. Stay tuned!

I'll leave you with this great quote that I heard from my favorite magazine, Real Simple.

"Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it." - Anonymous

Photo by Nancy Newberry

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Excitement is Almost Uncontrollable!!!!

As of tomorrow morning, myself, Mr. Chicken Wing, and Familia de Chicken Wing will officially be on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I can barely breathe, I'm so excited! I've only had one half-day of vacation this entire year so far, so I am so mentally ready to get away for a bit. I didn't realize how much stress I've been under until recently, and it seems like now is the perfect time for a little R&R.

I have to tell you that the beach is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I feel my prettiest at the beach by a long shot! I mean, it's one of the only places where no one judges you if you just want to let your hair air-dry and if you don't want to put forth so much effort while getting ready. You can throw on a sundress, and your sun-kissed glow makes you gorgeous! Makeup is limited, hair-drying time is close to non-existent, and no one rushes because you "have to have dinner at a certain time." Did I mention that dinner consists of seafood?!?!?! (Mmmmmm, crab legs!) And, of course, flip flops are always acceptable. :)

You can literally just wake up when you want to and mozy on down to the beach. Once you're down there, you get to decide what you do all day. You can lay out, swim, play beach games, or read and be able to actually comprehend what you're reading (hey, for me, I usually have to multi-focus so I don't actually absorb the content!).

I know that both Mr. Chicken Wing and I are so ready for a break, and we're about at that "checking out" point at work and home. We just want to get away!

So, faithful readers, I don't know if I will be posting while on vacation, but I can't wait to update you on how the week went (along with some pictures, of course)! I hope that you all get some sort of vacation of your own (you deserve it!), and I hope that next week goes so great for each and every one of you!

"Oh, won't you stay just a little bit longer..."

Until next time,
Sun-and-sand bound Chicken Wing

*Note: As always, I don't own the rights to this video/song. Thanks!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow, this is 100% pure awesomeness!

As you know, I love Michael Jackson, and you may have caught on that the majority of the ENTIRE WORLD loves Michael Jackson, too.

I ran across a shining example of a display of love for the late great King of Pop, and I felt compelled to share.

I haven't really spoken about the loss that the entertainment industry faced recently, because I still haven't quite found the best way to do it. That man had an impact on me - I believe that I love music and dance so much because of him. He was an innovator, and he was never afraid to leave his heart on the stage. I have so much admiration for him that it does make it hard to deal with the fact that he is no longer with us. I know his legacy is so much stronger than I'm sure even he ever believed it would be, and I am thankful for that. The world was a better place because of him, and I choose not to listen to those who only wanted to put negativity on his shoulders. I don't believe the allegations against him, and I don't believe I ever could.

But, back to the reason for this post - the awesome display of love that the people of Stockholm, Sweden exhibited.

Please view this, and again remember that I do not have the rights to anything. I believe that you will be just as impressed as me, and how cool this must have been to see in person!

Let's start a global revolution!!!

Enjoy, yall! (FYI: My beach vacation countdown is down to TWO DAYS! In two days I will be on VACATION!!! WOO HOO!!!)

Until next time,
Miss "Missin MJ" Chicken Wing

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just a quick and sparkly note....

I hope you all had a FABULOUS 4th of July and the chance to celebrate America!!!! I came across an Independence Day quote that I loved, so I thought I'd share it with you!

"You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence...with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness." Erma Bombeck

(And I hope you all got to see fireworks, because I LOVE fireworks, and got to see them twice, which made me super excited!!!!!)

Just in case you didn't, here is a little display for you:


I will be sure to update you with my weekend's festivities, and I really hope you guys had a great (and hopefully long) weekend!

Until then,
Miss loving-all-that-sparkles Chicken Wing
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