Saturday, October 31, 2009

So....This Week Was Interesting!

Before I go into the original topic of this post, please let me wish each and every follower and reader of this blog a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! :) I hope that everyone celebrated in the way that they felt was best, whether it be by dressing up the kids and taking them trick-or-treating or by dressing up yourself and going to a party with all your friends! It was rainy here, but the kids were still out in full force this year, out to get their treats!

But, this Halloween was the culmination of a crazy and hectic week at Casa de Chicken Wing! In addition to the normally busy week of just working, Mr. Chicken Wing started to feel weird. He just wasn't himself. After three days of coughing his head off, I took him to the doctor to figure out what was wrong (because you know what they say about headless chickens!).

We expected the doctor to say that it was just a really bad seasonal allergy attack. What we didn't expect was for the doctor to say, "I'm sorry to let you know that you've tested positive for H1N1."

Yep, that's right. Mr. Chicken Wing had the swine flu!

My little piggy! Swine Flu - 1, Mr. Chicken Wing - 0

So, basically, Mr. Chicken Wing ran a fever for the better part of 4.5 days, and he just felt awful. And, because he was "otherwise healthy," they couldn't give him the Tamiflu that would have helped him get better more quickly. They've just had so many cases that their supply is low, and they have to save it for asthmatics and people with pre-existing lung and respiratory conditions. We had to alternate two Tylenol and two Ibuprofen every four hours, and she did give him a prescription cough syrup.

I felt so bad for him. Mr. Chicken Wing was confined to one room in the house, and every single thing he touched got Lysol'ed every five seconds. I'm sure he felt kind of bad because of that, and so I felt bad for doing it. But, nobody else in our house got sick! (I've been sleeping on the couch with the two dogs since Monday!)

We just had to take extra precautions, and luckily, it worked!

So, that was our crazy and off-schedule week! It was a challenge, but we made it through, and I am happy to report that we've made it to the other side! God is good!!! And now, I am signing off to hang out with my Mr. Chicken Wing, since this is the first time he's been allowed downstairs in a week! :)

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pat Eye Owe

I can't speak for the rest of the country, but today in my world, it's a beautiful fall day. The air is slightly crisp, the sun is shining, and all is good today. I've decided to devote this post to one of my favorite places in the rental unit that I call home: the patio (get the post title now?).

The person that made the patio special for me was Mr. Chicken Wing's mom. She gave Mr. Chicken Wing his grill, which makes him (and subsequently me) very happy. Mr. Chicken Wing looooooves to cook, and I loooooooooove to eat what he makes! :) It's a pretty good setup I have here! LOL!

Here we are! Mr. Chicken Wing is wearing the new apron I got him! It's the ultimate "dude's" apron, complete with an insulated pocket for his beer and an attached zipline bottle opener.

That's why Mr. Chicken Wing loves the patio - it's an extension of his kitchen, and it allows him to do what he loves to do, which is feed people! As for me, while I love to be fed, there is another aspect of the patio that makes me pretty happy. Again, HUGE shout-out to Mr. Chicken Wing's mom because she provided us with the most adorable patio set that has ever existed!

See???? I told you! Still not sure???

MuChi loves the patio set, too!

There are many reasons why I love this patio set but there are two in particular that I wanted to share with you. When you have little dogs and a backyard that's not fenced in, you only have a few options. One is to leash them 100% of the time, which is fun while on walks, but not so much for every single time they need to go outside. This patio set allows me to sit in comfort and watch them while they play! It's so relaxing just to be able to enjoy outside all while fulfilling an important obligation of being a devoted pet mother! :)

If you look closely, you can see CiCi doing at the top right of the picture! She's having a ball!

The other reason why I love this patio set so much is that, when the weather is good, it allows me to save an immense amount of time in the morning. Anyone who has ever met me can confirm to you that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. If I had my way, I would work from 10am on. I don't feel at my best early in the morning, and I can't muster my "go get 'em, Tiger" attitude before 10am. It's sad, but it's true. So, anything that allows me to save time in the morning is something that I love. This patio set has allowed me to do that!

As explained before, the dogs have to go outside every morning. (Come on, can you honestly say that you don't have to "go outside" every morning?) Before, I would stand and wait as the 10-15 minutes of them sniffing every piece of grass in the yard happened, which meant I had to factor that 10-15 minutes into my morning routine by getting up 10-15 minutes earlier. BOO to that. Now, with this patio set, as long as the weather is nice, I sit outside while they "go outside" and I put on my makeup, which is something that I have to do every morning anyways! So, I save the 10-15 minutes and can sleep a little bit longer! YAY TO THAT!!!

See? So much easier!!! It's two jobs in one!

So, as I've said before, I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU SHOUT-OUT to Mr. Chicken Wing's mom, who has basically saved my life in the mornings, and has given us the two reasons why we love our patio. She's extended our home area, and life is much more enjoyable because of that!

I hope that everyone has the chance to enjoy life on a PAT EYE OWE!

Until next time
Miss Chicken Wing

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chick's Pick: New Music For My Peeps!

As you already know, I have totally random tastes in music, but music is what I respond to most. So, one of my favorite types of posts are ones where I can "introduce" my Peeps to music that is speaking to me and that I find to be catchy. The way I figure it, I get to listen to good stuff, you get to listen to good stuff, and who might just find your favorite new artist.

Before I share with you a few tunes that have my toes tappin', I'd like to share that I never ever mean to infringe on any type of copyright/ownership situations that are already in place. The reason why I share music on my blog is simply to amp up awareness of the artist and the song, and also to share my love of the music with more people. There's never any negative "pulling a fast one" intentions to my music sharing; it's just that - music sharing. The more people who know about an artist, the more people who will hopefully love them and support them in their careers. So, just to be as transparently clear as I can: I own the rights to absolutely nothing I'm about to show you, apart from my words. All credits go to the artists/songwriters/production and record companies, etc.

Okay, now that I've gotten the "official" jargon out of the way, I can share with you some Chick's Picks that are slowly making their way into my playlist!

First up is a fellow named Jason Derulo, and he has a song that is catchy as can be, even though the topic isn't the best. Basically, it's about a cheater trying to get back with the one he cheated on. How you can take a topic such as that and make it likeable enough for me to sing along in my car and happy-clap when it comes on is beyond me. One of the reasons I like this song is because Jason samples Imogen Heap in it. (Basically, she is the female voice on this track, and the song of hers he sampled is entitled Hide and Seek. Hear that song here.) Enjoy this video. If it gets taken down, I apologize....just let me know and I'll try to find another one for you.

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say


Next up is a totally catchy tune by a band called The Script. I heard it on my Sirius XM Satellite Radio one day as an "Ear-Poppin New Music" selection. (Yes, that is what they call it!) It immediately got stuck in my head, and even though I couldn't remember the words, I was humming it for a good 30-45 minutes after first hearing it. Naturally, I stalked the three or four words I could remember and found it! :) Now, it's here for your listening enjoyment.

The Script - Break Even (with lyrics)


Okay, another one that is so quirky and weird but so catchy and cute is "Fireflies" by Owl City. At first you think, "Seriously. Chicken Wing actually wants me to listen to this?" Then you think, "Seriously. Chicken Wing actually likes this song?" Then, you give it a second chance and you think, "Seriously. This song is kind-of awesome." It pretty much builds from there. Quirky, Weird, Catchy, Cute. Pretty much that order. Enjoy!

Owl City - Fireflies (with lyrics)

So, what do you think? Any new faves come from this list? Hopefully, my Peeps don't think I struck out on these, and look forward to more ear-opening posts like this one! If you have any cool music selections for me, comment me and let me know! I will give ANYTHING a listen once!
Until next time,
A Humming Miss Chicken Wing

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If You Are Able, Revisited...

Today an estimated 5.3 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's. In addition, 78 million baby boomers are approaching the age of greatest risk for developing this fatal disease.

This will be my second year supporting those affected by Alzheimer's, but it is the first year that I am supporting someone I actually know and love. As of this year, I have been personally affected by this disease, so I'm participating in the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk® this weekend to raise funds and awareness to fight this horrible disease. Our walk last year was a great success, and there were people from all walks of life showing their support - by walking, by running, by donating! I can tell you that dealing with this disease is absolutely not fun - it's an incredibly cruel process that steals the lives and minds of some of the best people this world has to offer.

This disease came after my family.
This disease made it personal.
This is why I walk.
This is why I donate.
This is why I work so hard to raise money.

If we don't find a cure, it is only a matter of time before Alzheimer's touches everyone.

The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care, support and research, and the funds I raise will go directly toward supporting their efforts. I know I can make a difference with your support, should you feel inclined to give it! I also know that the current economy has made all of us re-evaluate where we allocate our monthly intake. It's definitely made it harder on everyone, and that is why I will be so thankful for any pennies I may receive towards this year's campaign!

Thank you in advance for checking out the blog, and I cannot thank everyone enough for their extreme generosity - together, we can help end Alzheimer's!

Please click on the link (or copy the link to my page (below) into your web browser):

Again, thank you a million times over for hearing my cause! If you are able to donate, thank you a million times, too! Your donation will not be used in vain!

All my love and gratitude,
Miss Chicken Wing

Friday, October 16, 2009

While On The Wedding Vibe...

Okay,, scratch that. From this day on, I will call you my Peeps.


Why, you ask? For one, it's shorter, so it's easier to throw in while typing, and for two, I love know, the kind you get at Easter...the kind that consist of two ingredients: marshmallows and sugar. Gross to some, good to me. Grandma Chicken Wing always buys me some for Easter, and I hope that never changes!!!!

So, anyways, Peeeeps, I have been in a sort of wedding-palooza since the last two posts, and one of my friends on facebook posted the following video that answers a popular wedding question:

Why do people wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger of their hand?

So, here you go, Peeps...check it out - it's a perplexing and highly interesting answer to that question. I actually got chills when watching it. Enjoy! I hope it causes you to stop and ponder life's mysteries awhile! Oh, and hug the ones you love. (Just thought I'd throw that in there!)


Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. and Miss Chicken Wing: Model Citizens Part II

So, I left you with the mock engagement pictures that my fabulous friend took. I hope you liked them! After that, it was time for me to shine! :) (And, let's be honest, what girl doesn't want the chance to feel like Heidi Klum, Giselle, or Cindy Crawford?!?!?!)

Random Gnat-like Chicken Wing Thought: I once saw the following bumper sticker and friends of mine said it reminded them of me...I figured I'd share, you know, since we're on the topic of shining!!!

But, I guess that's neither here nor there, is it? ;) Back to the reason for this post...

I got a fabulous opportunity at work to be the official spokeswoman of a vertical website we're starting, which means that I get to star in all of the commercials and be featured on our major website! Cool, huh? The commercial, which you will see at a later date, came out pretty good, I think.

(What's that? You want to see it now? I've got to leave something to the imagination - otherwise, you'd be completely bored by this blog and you'd never come back - and that's the last thing I want!).

The first commercial centered around the Weddings section of the new website. Basically, that section of the site allows brides-to-be to find all the vendors they'll need to plan their big day, and they can even post their engagement and wedding announcements for FREE! Awesome, right? I know! This is the new thing - you get engaged, and you create an announcement for it. In the "olden" days, you would simply do a write-up for the paper, and you could include one black and white photo. Nowadays, with the internet, (this new website included) you can do the same exact thing (except in COLOR) and you can send the link to all of your friends and family! This way, it doesn't matter if they don't subscribe to the newspaper you put your announcement in!

Okay, I know I keep jumping, but keep with me, peeps! While shooting the first commercial, one of the most fabulous photographers of all time took some still shots of me in the wedding gown (aka my costume for the day!), and I wanted to share those with you. It's really crazy to see myself in a wedding gown. I was absolutely sure that Mr. Chicken Wing would freak out, but his reaction was actually pretty adorable - he had this look of slight awe and said, " look absolutely beautiful." (Yeah, I was pretty stoked with that reaction). I know Momma Chicken Wing freaked out! Haha!

So, here we go...take a deep breath, and let's see the goods!




So, I know what you're thinking...MOTHER OF ALL THINGS HOLY, THAT DRESS IS GORGEOUS!!!!! I know, I felt the same way! If you would like to try on or purchase that wedding gown, go here. If you would like to post your wedding or engagment announcement for free, go here. Basically, I am HIGHLY recommending any of the sources I've linked to in this post. Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think!

And don't forget to stay tuned for the commercial/website advertising post! It's pretty cool!!!

Until next time,
Miss "Glitterific" Chicken Wing

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. and Miss Chicken Wing: Model Citizens Part I

I'm sorry that it's been awhile since I've posted anything, faithful Chicken Wingers! I've had a computer issue that is pretty detrimental to my blogging endeavor - for some reason, the USB ports on our computer will not work! They won't recognize that anything has been plugged into them, and that is a tragedy! Basically, for all of the non-technological followers, I can't plug my camera into my computer, and therefore, cannot upload any of my pictures to share with you! And, oh, the pictures I have! Mr. Chicken Wing and I have been doing cool things, and I have yet to be able to share them with you! So, I beg you to be patient, and I am going to try to fix the problem as soon as I can!

One thing that is pretty timely that I can update you on is some modeling that Mr. Chicken Wing and I have done recently! Modeling, you ask???? Modeling, I reply!!! Apparently, there are people in this world that think that Mr. Chicken Wing and I are pretty darn foxy, and they wanted to take some photos of us! :) Just kidding!


First up was one of my best friends. She's just started her own photography business, and is in the process of building her own website and her own professional portfolio! While she's new to her own business, she is NOT new to being an exceptional photographer (and friend)! So, she asked Mr. Chicken Wing and I to model for the engagement section of her portfolio! Cool, huh?


Please enjoy some photos from our mock engagement shoot all around our city!





Stay tuned for more modeling goodness, and I hope you enjoy what you've seen so far. In the hopes of not giving anyone a heart attack/stroke combo (which would really not be good either seperately or together), I would like to repeat the disclaimer here:


Thanks to my incredible friend for taking these shots! Click on the "Source" links to go to her website, which is still in progress! Check back often as she updates things!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chicken Wing Quote of the Day

I got this, again, from my favorite magazine, REAL SIMPLE (you know, the only magazine I read that is not related to celebrity gossip...yep, I'm guilty. I love and read those.).

I thought it was simplistic in design, but complex and grand in meaning, so I decided to share it with you.

I think it's a great thing to take to heart, and here goes:

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

This is me, being myself.

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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