Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Muffin!!!

I recently wrote a post about the birthday of one of my sons, Mister MuChi the PooChi! Well, today is the FIFTH birthday of my "oldest furbaby" - CiCi Haven! I got my little princess right after graduating college and it was one of the most exciting and challenging adventures of my life to date.

CiCi with one of her favorite people, her Papa! He calls her his "spoiled little black puppy." I honestly don't think he even knows her name! Haha!

I graduated, Mr. Chicken Wing and I went to pick her out, and Momma Chicken Wing gave her to me as a graduation present. Why, you ask, would someone gift their newly graduated daughter with a puppy? Well, because I had gotten a job 4 hours away from home and would be living in a "foreign" city all by my lonesome and Momma didn't want me to be there completely by myself.
Thank you, Grammy, for buying me for my Momma!

I learned a whole new level of responsibility when raising CiCi - and I think I did a pretty good job. I get told all the time that she is the most well behaved dog that people had ever seen.

Seriously...look at that B-E-A-UTIFUL face!

From the early days of house training, getting her over her severe car sickness, and vet visits to get all her shots, to learning very early on that she was NOT going to be crated or gated (she got out of EVERYTHING...I mean she literally climbed with her little paws up and over the baby gate!). We survived long nights and some big storms (we lived right next to the beach) together. We survived one of the scariest events that has happened to me (and her) to date: When we got attacked by a pit bull in our apartment complex when I went to take her outside one night. Luckily, we both came out of it unharmed but both of us could barely stand due to our intense shaking.

Basically, it was her and me for a long time and she bonded to me like no other dog ever has. There were nights when I chose not to go out and hit the bars with my friends because I didn't want to leave her by herself. (Cue the head nod to the responsibility I was talking about earlier). And she and I made a lot of friends in the apartment complex because of meeting them when we were walking.

Somebody is wet and a little angry, but adorable nonetheless!

So, here is a very Happy 5th Birthday shout out to my Momma's girl - my little CiCi Muffin.

She is the best big sister to MuChi and Wilkie, and has brought so much joy to my life over the past five years. She's been a constant companion and one of the loves of my life.

CiCi and MuChi enjoying their favorite things - Chickey Chews (or Mini Dingos, as they are actually named)!

Happy Birthday, my girl - I hope we have many blessed years together, and I hope that you have been as happy being my baby as I have been being your momma.

My precious baby girl - one of the most photogenic dogs in the world. But, maybe I'm biased!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awful Beautiful Life

Feel free to play the video below to understand the title of this post:


First, I'll start by apologizing for my lack of posts lately. I've discovered that a very jammed pointer finger will definitely slow you up in regards to typing, carrying things, washing your hair, and pretty much everything else. It amazes me how long it affects you - mine's starting it's fourth week! The bruising has just now gone away, even though the pain has not. It's also been very busy around the Chicken Wing household for the past month or so. Why, you ask?

Well, because we've adopted a third furbaby into our home and he is keeping us busy with his energetic nature and severe disdain for any stuffing in I have come home to a snowstorm both inside and outside of the house on multiple occasions. But, he is a sweet little thing if I ever saw one, and I believe that he is very, very happy with us so that makes me happy.

So, you want to know more about him, do you? For starters, he's a 14 month old Pom-a-poo, which is a combination of a pomeranian (like CiCi) and a poodle (like half of MuChi). We adopted him from a family who did not as much time for him as they would've liked, and because of that had to leave him in his crate most of the time. Anyone who has a small breed dog knows that their personalities are anything but small - they require (and most times demand) attention and affection every moment of the day.

His name is Wilkie, and he looks like MuChi's twin brother! And you want to know how they're all getting along? Check it out for yourself below, but you have GOT to listen to their theme song, courtesy of The Hangover.


Wilkie and his momma

"We're the three best friends that anybody could have..."

So, as you can see, I am the proud mother of three little dogs (and one tiny turtle named P.Tree).

I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life...

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Days In One!

Okay, so I am technically a little late with this, but I figure there's no time like the present and better late than never! I hope you all had a very happy Valentine's Day weekend, and that you were able to have some fun.

I know that I did, and that's because Valetine's Day has always been two days in one for me. The obvious day is the "title" of the day - a day to share with a Valentine. The other is the most important one, though, because it's Momma Chicken Wing's birthday! Every year growing up, this has been the primary focus of the day for me, and I'm 100% fine with that. Why, you ask?

Well, the truth is that Valentine's Day bothers me a bit. There. I said it.

Valetine's Day is a day of romance and fanfare, and people professing their love to one another. It's a day of flowers and chocolates and cards and dinner reservations, and people are made to feel absolutely horrible if they don't do anything to celebrate it. (Yes, I've been guilty of that a time or two in my younger days, I'm ashamed to admit). As of late, I've kind of begun to wonder - what is all the fuss about?

I feel that, while it's nice to celebrate the one you love, it means more on, say, your anniversary. Now that is a day when you are celebrating togetherness. Valentine's Day, for me, has always been my mom's birthday, and that's where I'm happy leaving it. I think that you should focus on your partner every day, not just one day in February. It's important to give your loved one little tokens of your affection throughout the year - don't just save it up for one day and say "Ehh, but I pay attention to her/him on Valentine's Day." There's no guarantee that we'll make it to next Valentine's Day, so show the ones you love that you love them every day.

I can't say that I hate Valentine's Day. I don't, though I know some others that do. I mean, if you presented me with chocolates, I wouldn't turn them away. :) But, I also love getting a sweet text message or email just letting me know that I'm thought of. I love when it's suggested "let's go out to dinner tonight, just because." Those things mean more to me than the V-Day loot.

For those of you who absolutely love Valentine's Day - keep on keepin on! This post is not intended to knock anyone who puts major importance on the day - it's just a thought from a chicken wing's eye view.
So, to round out this post, I'm putting the focus back where it belongs - on Momma Chicken Wing.

We used this as a Christmas picture one time. It's Mom, me, Little Sister CW and Little Bro CW.

We had a great weekend with family and friends - we got to see both sets of grandparents, and Aunt J and Uncle R. We had paternal Grandma-made cupcakes and fudge, and the same pink, heart-shaped cake that my maternal Grandma has made for Momma Chicken Wing every single year since she was born. There was some good eating (including fried chicken - HOW DARE I!), Mexican dominoes, and the movies "Valentine's Day" and "Dear John." Both were good, by the way.

And, I think that again, the focus was where it needs to be - on love. We just go about it a different way.
So, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, regardless of how you chose to celebrate it. I just hope that you found a reason to smile and appreciate life, because really...that's what it's all about.
Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wedding-Palooza - The Commercial

In posts past (here and here), I wrote about the wedding madness I was involved in for work! It was a super fun project, getting to wear a gorgeous wedding gown, wearing my hair up and fancier than I normally do, etc.

But, as someone close to me recently pointed out, I never did a follow-up post on my duties as wedding model. You see, the reason I was in the wedding dress and all gussied up was to shoot a commercial for a local website! Basically, I get to be a spokeswoman!!! (Since I was a child, I always imagined myself saying "Easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl." LOL!)

So, after a bit of pushing from said person close to me, I am going to show it to my Peeps, because you are who I share everything with! I know, you feel extremely special. ;)

To those of you who have already seen this, I am so sorry to make you watch it again. It's really weird seeing yourself on television, so it's probably weird for those of you who have already seen it. I have definitely been receiving a lot of feedback from folks that have seen it - it seems that someone tells me every day that they saw it running during this time and during that time so, what can I say? TV WORKS (and I know some really nice and awesome people)!

So, without further ado, Miss Chicken Wing's television commercial debut! Enjoy!

I hope you like it! I practiced my lines, and actually was not as nervous as I thought I would be, but that is only because I had the most wonderful people surrounding me, coaching and encouraging me! I am so grateful and so thankful that I was in a situation like that where instead of telling me what I needed to do better, they told me what I was excellent in doing. Those are the types of people you should strive to be around in life - those who uplift you, not those who bring you down.

So, if I ever get the opportunity to do something like this again, I will share it with all of you! Stay tuned, Peeps!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Appreciating Extended Family!

Something that I have always found extremely fascinating about dating is family. What I mean is that, in most cases, family plays a large role in your relationships.

In the beginning, your parent or parents shape your future. As a child, all you really know about love, you learn from your family and how they interact with one another. When you get older, your friends' families start to influence what you know about love. You find yourself picking and choosing things that you hope to embody later on in your life. For example, if your parents have specific roles and you like that setup, you may strive to find that type of partnership in a mate. If you have friends whose parents are mushy, gushy, and sickeningly romantic (and you think it's cute), you might think to yourself, "Self, remember to keep the playfullness in your future relationships, just like Kate's parents do."

Then, when you get into a serious relationship - or one that you think is important - family comes into play again. It's never easy when you love someone that your family does not (and vice versa - it's not fun when your family wants you to love someone that just doesn't give you those feelings). Then, if you're lucky enough to have your family like your mate, you have the scary pressure-filled "first meeting." His parents now have to like you. You find your mind racing with thoughts of, "Will they think I'm good enough for their son?"

Then, if all goes well on that front, and in your relationship, of course...BUM, BUM, BUM!

Then, you need to introduce both families to each other, and get on your knees and pray for the best! What if our moms clash? What if they have no similar interests? Will they be able to find common ground? Well...we might actually want to make our relationship into a marriage. As in, forever. Sharing and splitting holidays and traditions, who gets to see the grandkids on this day or that day - the thoughts are COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING - if you let them get that far.

Of course, yours truly did let them get that far - way back in the day. Remember, Mr. Chicken Wing and I have been dating for almost SIX YEARS. That's not chump change. In the beginning, I was terrified of meeting his family, and I can only imagine he felt the same way about meeting my family. All we knew was that we were each close with our families and that is what put the pressure on.

Luckily for us - we have two of the COOLEST families on the planet. His is bigger than mine in the immediate circle (he has two brothers and a sister, while I have one of each). Mine crushes his in size regarding extended family (he has approximately sixteen family members while I have a couple hundred). We grew up very differently, but we were both the oldest child, so we could bond on that. My family loves him, and I think his family is alright with me! That makes me happy! :)

So, this post is dedicated to Mr. Chicken Wing's family - who I regard as my extended family. They accepted me with open arms, and we always have a complete blast when we're with them. We also don't get to see them as much as with my family, so they need a special post so you - people in the Google machine - can see how purty they are!

But, before I do that, you need some introduction so you can see how this whole thing works out! We can't have my Peeps getting confused, now can we????

Well, without further ado, here is the "kid version."

Miss Chicken Wing, E-Money, Sis K

All of us crazy kids just being crazy.

Throw in some puppies, and it just gets crazier!!!

Cheers to liking each other a lot! We are awesome!

Miss Chicken Wing, Sis K, and some famous fur-men!

L-R: M-Slice, Mr. CW's Dad, Sis K, Bro T, Bro B, Miss CW, Mr. CW, and Mr. CW's Grandma

And the best part of all????? When my little brother and Mr. CW's little brother who are a week apart in age and go to the same college become the best of friends!!! It's literally like extending the family, and we all seem to have quite a few laughs in the rare times we get to see each other all together.

Speaking of said little brothers, can you spot the REAL Supermodel Mannequins???
Bro T (Mr. CW's little bro) and Bro D (my little bro)

Honestly, I know how lucky I am to have such great people surrounding me, and especially surrounding my relationship with Mr. CW. I love having extra outlets to talk to, and I love that we are all able to get along so well. I know tons of people who haven't lucked out the way that I have, and they are made painfully aware every day how bad they have it. I am so happy and grateful not to be in their shoes.
Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl 2010

Last night was the coveted "Night of All Nights" for the football lovers in the world. The Chicken Wings celebrated with Little Sister Chicken Wing and some friends at the Casa de Chicken Wing, and it was a good time - low key and relaxed.

This came after a little sledding adventure - not the most fun I've ever had. While I had so much fun hanging out with my friends, I got a little injured along the way. First, I got hit in the mouth with a ball of ice (thank you, Little Sister Chicken Wing, for having terrible aim). After dealing with swelling and a little bleeding, I dusted myself off and got back to it. Then, on a trip down the monster hill (all of which was covered in mostly ice at this point), I majorly jammed my pointer finger - OUCH to the MAX!!!! Now, I'm rocking a crazy-swollen and purple finger!!!

So, the typing is quite a bit slower, that's for sure!!! Anyways, back to the Big Game! The New Orleans Saints took home the much-needed victory! Louisiana needed a win, and I'm really glad they got it!

My favorite part of the Superbowl (unless my team is playing) is watching the usually hilarious ads that come on during the game. In case you missed them, I've included my favorites here!

Thank you, Doritos and E-Trade, for stepping up and being hilarious this year!




I hope you got a Monday morning laugh from these! I think they're great! :)

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To My First-Born Son!!!!

Today is a very, very special day, indeed! Three years ago, which happened to be a Super Bowl Sunday, my first-born puppy-son, MuChi the PooChi (pronounced mooo - cheee the poooo - cheee) was born, and with that the Chicken Wing household grew in unconditional love and infinite cuteness! (Also, I should send a very special birthday shout-out to my fur-nieces??? Happy Birthday, Jordy and Izzy!!! Yes, between Mr. Chicken Wing's brother and us, we did in fact buy the whole litter of three puppies!!!)

So, in honor of my little man, enjoy this photo montage of none other than Mister Mooch!

MuChi Mohawk

My sweet baby sleeping

Daddy's Boy

Momma's Lap

Hey, big sister!!!

Check it out - my fur will grow long!

The sweetest furbabies in the world

With their cousins!

Our family Christmas picture 2009

My children should model for catalogs! :)

If you could say "no" to this face, something is seriously wrong with you!

Happy Birthday, little darling - I hope that we have made you as happy as you have made us, and I hope you will be our "little man" for many, many, many years to come!

Your Momma

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

They REALLY Care About Him!

Okay, so I've posted on a topic similar to this before here. It's no secret that I love the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and so it touches me when people come together to honor him. He was the greatest entertainer of all time, in my opinion, and I think that one legacy he left behind was that no matter what you thought about him, you can't deny that he brought people together.

The ridiculously awesome videos that I'm going to share with you in this post are of a group of people who are now quite famous for their hard work and dedication in proving that fact. They've been dubbed the Filipino dancing inmates. Why? Well, because they are made up of 1,500 plus inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines, and they are amazing.

Description of video: A tribute performed by 1,500 CPDRC Inmates on June 27, 2009 in memory of Michael Jackson. Completed in 10 hours after receiving word that the King of Pop passed away. May he always be remembered. "Ben" and "I'll be there" were sung by Michael when he was still younger! "We are the World" was composed and organized by MJ.

Check out Thriller, below.


Then, it was a general tribute to Michael Jackson, seen below.


Then, they took on Dangerous.


Now, they've given us "They Don't Really Care About Us."


The reason why this one is special is because of the three obvious leaders of this group. The head of the operation is Travis Payne, Michael Jackson's longtime primary choreographer. With him are two dancers, Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid, who helped the inmates to learn one of the performances from THIS IS IT.

I think it's fantastic that they were able to do something constructive while in prison, and hey - they have given a great gift to the world. Every video makes you want to move - they hit everything wonderfully!

I definitely think MJ would be proud, and so touched that they chose to honor him through dance. I hope you enjoyed this, and if you know a Michael Jackson fan, send this post their way. I know that they'll enjoy it!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

What's That? You Needed A Laugh?

Okay, done and done. Without further ado, things that should make you laugh. If you aren't laughing by the end of this post, have someone drive you to the emergency room because you don't have a pulse.

Who knew the words "bing" and "bong" were so funny?


Yes, I agree. That was a bad idea.

Give 'em the evil look!

Who gave that panda some pepper?

Enjoy, virtual world! These just made my day! Have another hilarious video that you'd like to see on the blog? Email Miss Chicken Wing at!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammy Awards Recap

So last night was the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, and overall I thought it was a great show. I loved the performances of the night, including Lady Gaga and Elton John singing a duet, Pink doing an amazing aerial performance, Lady Antebellum doing a great job with their hit "Need You Now," Beyonce waaiilliinngg "If I Was a Boy," a stunning duet by Mary J. Blige and Andrea Boccelli, and a fantastic rap explosion featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, and Eminem. (Don't worry, there were more performances than that!)

For any of you that know me, or really for anyone who's read this blog at all, the highlights of the night, for me, were the stunning 3D tribute to Michael Jackson and the acceptance of his Lifetime Achievement Award by his children. I mean, really - it's not a secret that I am an MJ freak!

For those of you who missed it, you know I wouldn't fail you. HUGE kudos to Celine Dion, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, and Smokey Robinson, who definitely did the King of Pop proud.


Honestly, the only complaint I had with this tribute is that I wish it could have been longer. Heck, they could have had the ENTIRE 3.5 hours dedicated to Michael Jackson, and I would have been glued to the screen.

There were a few awards that sat a little wrong with me, but hey - I am not on the judging panel for the Grammys, so I can't complain but so much. I won't ruin those for you, just in case you TiVo'd the show and plan to watch it later.

So, with that, I hope you enjoyed the tribute as much as I did, and may the spirit of the King of Pop live on forever and ever.

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

*Note: I do not own any rights, nor do I wish to claim that I do by republishing this video in my blog. All rights belong to CBS, The Grammy Awards, and the estate of Michael Jackson.
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