Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Head Cold Much?

So, I am sorry for the delay of posting but I have not felt like doing ANYTHING but turning into a vegetable of some kind.

And, just in case you were wondering about the garden of choice for my said vegetable-self, it would be located on my couch.  You see, I've been working like a crazy lady for awhile now - busy doesn't even begin to describe it!  Couple me being worn down with a nasty head cold situation that was making the rounds at work, and you get one sick Chicken Wing.

As I write this, I am left amazed at the fact that I still have a nose, er - beak, on my face.  That poor little sucker.  I'm glad to say that I am doing much better than my previous "death warmed over" state of being, and that makes me happy.  What doesn't make me happy is that I decided to go to bed early last night in order to better myself and awoke to find MULTIPLE spoilers about last night's Bachelor episode.

Thanks.  I feel better now.  (Please note sarcasm).

Either way, my favorite girl is still in it to win it based on the spoilers I read (TEAM EMILY!!!!), and I hope she continues!  I plan to watch that tonight.

Okay, now that I've gotten this little hiccup out of my system, I hope to be a good blogger again.  I would love to be able to provide more content for you delightful readers, and I can't wait to bring you all up to speed on the many, many things I've had my wings in lately!  Good things, Peeps!  I'm a blessed gal!

Speaking of blessed...take a look at what my incredible boyfriend, Comanche, did for me while I was sick - he washed and waxed my car by hand!  Gorgeous, isn't she?

1. It's this shiny when it's overcast outside!  2. Cell phone picture.

Like I said, even though I've been sick, I'm still one blessed chick!

Until next time,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I've Been Thinking ...

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I have been thinking about the day and what it means to me. I've mentioned before that the primary reason I celebrate this holiday is because it happens to be my mother's birthday!

As far as love goes, I am just of the belief that when you are in a relationship, you need to do your very best to make your partner feel special and loved every day.

While Valentine's Day is a very cute and potentially heartfelt holiday, I am perfectly content to leave it as my mom's birthday.  I do plan to put together a small gift for Comanche and we do plan to spend time together, but what I want to talk about today is a special project I'm working on.

Love the Retro Camera app on my Android phone!  So cute!!!

Take a look at my handy dandy notebook (thank you, Blues Clues for the reference)! On the very first page are written just three words: The Little Things.  Basically, I am taking the time to jot down some of the things that have genuinely touched me that Comanche has done since the start of our relationship.

The idea for this came about after different conversations I've had with girlfriends who are "further along" in their relationships.  I love to talk with people who have been there and who have some life experience - their stories are fascinating!  During one of these conversations, the topic turned to Comanche and me - I was asked what I like about him, and I responded by recounting some of my favorite memories of things he had done for me.  My girlfriend then said, "Wow, those are the cutest stories ever.  I wish I had written down the sweet things my husband did for me when we first started dating - heck, I should write it down now every time he does something sweet!"

Boom.  The plan was formed.  I'm still in a "new" relationship, and I can still remember the sweet things that Comanche has done.  So, the handy dandy notebook and I started our journey, and I have to admit - I've smiled with every entry.  Some entries simply consist of a bullet point and a phrase (such as "Two Words:  Flower Ninja").  Others are the full-on story of something thoughtful that touched my heart.

I am so grateful for the people who make my mind tick because I think this exercise will be so helpful to me in the future.  I mean, let's face it.  Fact:  there will come a time when you are not "over-the-moon-with-stars-in-your-eyes-in-love" with your partner.  Fact:  there will be a time when you are actually angry or upset with your partner.  Fact:  there will come a time when you lose sight of the big picture because you are stuck in a rut over-analyzing what's missing in your relationship.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a go-to guide of why you love and appreciate your partner?

That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it. Not to mention, it's been a ton of fun so far, and a constant reminder of just how lucky I am. 

Have you ever had an idea like this one?  If so, please share!  I'm always looking for ways to capture the goodness that life has to offer us!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Little Boy Is FOUR!

Today is a very special day for the Chicken Wing household as it is my fur-son MuChi's FOURTH birthday!  My little man is growing up!  There will be special treats given today and lots of love and playtime.  And for those of you who don't believe in the truth that dogs are very intuitive, MuChi definitely knows it's his birthday - we've been talking it up for a week!  :)

So here is a mother's wish for the best snuggler and cuddlebug that's ever lived:  I hope you know how loved you are, little buddy!  I hope you know how much joy you have brought to my life.  I hope you know that I so look forward to coming home every day and having you "hold my hand" all the way up the stairs when I go to change into my lounge clothes.  (He literally puts my hand in his mouth and walks two steps ahead of me - he is my little helper).  I hope you know how grateful I am for your assistance with loading the dishwasher.  I love how you know how to sit, high-five, lay down, and roll over and how you get so excited to perform those tricks!  Thank you for being my lap dog - and for always stealing all of my blankets (Snuggie included).  I love you, my baby!  Happy Birthday!

Until next time,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blogging...From My Phone?

Okay Peeps I've hit the big time!!!   I am doing this primarily to test the efficiency of the brand new Blogger app for Android phone.  TALK ABOUT INCREDIBLE, RIGHT??? 

Needless to say,  I am excited about the potential that this app presents as far as ease of blogging on the go goes (say that five times fast)! Haha!  Now when something awesome happens to me,  I don't have to wait to tell you about it which is pretty epic if you ask me! 
So test 1,2,3....here goes nothing!!!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

I'm Proud To Be An American....Idol Fan?

Okay, so I know you've all been tuning in even if you promised yourself that Simon Cowell's last season would be your last season.

If that's how you felt, you're not alone.  I, too, said that I was done with Idol and that it could never been the same.

Well, Peeps, if you've been watching at all this season, you know that we were all wrong.  I'm actually digging this season of Idol and I absolutely love the freshness that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have brought to the judges panel.

Okay, let's start by looking at my favorite parts of the show so far.

We want YOU, Dawg!
Randy, Randy, Randy.  I've always liked you.  You actually have your hands very much in the music industry, and I agree with what you're saying eight times out of ten, which I wouldn't call too shabby.  You seem to be one of the most level-headed, and I think it's important to keep someone on the panel who has been along for the ride.  Thank you for delivering that for me.

"Owwwwww" (in a high-pitched voice)
Steven Tyler, you are a funny little man.  Not to mention, you are absolutely hysterical, in my opinion!  From the "Yo, dude, are those Tevas?" comment to the random howls and screams, thank you for making me laugh episode after episode.  Just when I thought you were all fun and games (complete with potty mouth and very strange random sayings), you go and do this to me:


It completely caught me off guard to see you be so incredibly sweet to her and her mother, but it made me like you that much more. In fact, I could totally see why so many ladies find you attractive in that moment.

Remember, her love don't cost a thing.
Okay, first of all, I can honestly say that I never realized just how BEAUTIFUL Jennifer Lopez is until she became a judge on American Idol.  She'd always been one of those hit-or-miss ladies for me - sometimes she looked amazing. Other times, I just didn't get it.

I think Jennifer has added a lot to the show so far - she seems to know what she's talking about, she can make a coherent sentence (unlike another lady judge we all used to know and love), and she still has the kind heart that is needed in a harsh judgment-filled world.  She seems to really own the knowledge that while you have to deliver criticism, you still have people's dreams in your hands.  And, she's pretty funny, too. 

I was hardly expecting the personality that I have gotten from both Steven Tyler and J.Lo, but I would have to say that I love it!  Ryan Seacrest is still doing a great job playing host (and I imagine he will get picked on less this season).  The other great thing that hasn't changed about this show is that there are always more talented people popping up each year.  I've been amazed at the fifteen-year-old talent that has shown up this season.  I'm excited to see how it all turns out!

Hooray for a classic realty television show getting revamped!  For now, American Idol, you've still got a fan in me.  Congratulations.

Until next time,
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