Meet The Furbabies!

The loves of my life!  Say it with me, "Awwww!"

Meet CiCi (see-see)

CiCi is a black-and-tan Pomeranian and my right-hand gal!  As evidenced by the photo above, she is very girly and prissy (she gets it from her momma).  She is one of the most photogenic dogs I've ever met and she typically is photographed while smiling.  She is treated better than most children, and regularly rocks a full wardrobe (and works it!), a pink car seat, and her own little puppy sofa.  She rarely needs a leash because she taught herself to heel, and she has no other tricks except for sitting.  The things she loves most in the world are her "chickey-chews" or Mini Dingo rawhide treats.  She is the best begger on the planet, and has a stare down so intense that you know she can see into your soul.  She has been one of the best things in my life since I got her as a puppy, and I wouldn't trade this little beauty for anything!

Photo Credit:  Little Sister Chicken Wing

Meet MuChi (moo-chee)

This little guy literally looked like a hamster when I first saw him.  He didn't have his eyes open, and when I finally got to bring this baby home, he weighed in at just two pounds.  He is a half-Toy Poodle and half-Chihuahua, therefore making him MuChi the PooChi.  What's interesting about him is that his mother was an all black Toy Poodle and his father was a white Chihuahua with one brown spot.  MuChi and his two sisters all came out primarily chocolate brown!  This dog has the ability to completely make me forget what the word "no" means and has the sweetest little face in the world.  He is my lapdog, and can be found every night snuggling in the big bed with his mom.  He loves human babies (seriously - you should see how instantly protective he gets of them and has to be around them all the time.  If you pick up a baby and walk somewhere with him or her, MuChi will be at your feet crying until you give him his baby back).  It's adorable!  He's obsessive with his favorite "at the moment" toys and he has sit, high-five, lay down, and roll over in his repertoire.  What can I say?  I love my little man!

Photo Credit:  Little Sister Chicken Wing
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