Saturday, May 30, 2009



Mr. Chicken Wing brought me a few boxes of Nerds, and I am very excited about them. In fact, I'm eating a box right now. I used to eat these things SO MUCH when I was a kid, and it really just brings me back. What kind of candy does that to you? Comment and let me know!
Until next time,
Chicken Wing, Nerd-Lover

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I Haven't Blogged in a Short While

1. Memorial Day Weekend.

2. Working late on a top-secret project at my job.

3. Errands that had to be run after work.

4. The season premiere of "Here Come the Newlyweds" on ABC.

5. The season premiere of "So You Think You Can Dance" on FOX.

6. Trying to get some exercise back into my life. (I was on a brief hiatus. Okay, maybe not as brief as I wish it was).

7. Washing tons of laundry in my BRAND NEW WASHER!!!! (Take that, crappy old one! Who needs you, anyways?!?!?!)

8. Hanging out with friends and family, which sometimes has to take priority over blogging.

9. Taking the dogs for longer walks EVERY DAY IT'S NOT RAINING. Why is that in all caps, you ask? Listen to the Chicken Wing, because she has something new to be excited about. Mama Chicken Wing just bought me a present - new tennis shoes! Why? Because she was embarassed to be seen with me. I don't wear tennis shoes - I still have (and wear) the only two pair of t-shoes I own. One is my high school cheerleading shoes and the other are the pair I got when I was a freshman in college! LOL! I know. But, I always wear heels, ballet flats, or flip flops, so I usually only wear t-shoes to work out in. Mama Chicken Wing decided that she'd had enough. So, I got these fabulous Reebok EasyTone shoes (yes, the pink & white ones in the picture)!

They tone you while you walk normally, by making your balance a tad bit off. Not enough to make you fall down or anything. They advertise that it feels like you're walking on a sandy beach - and I have to say, that is what they feel like! My dogs and I walk basically the same route every time, and I was sore after walking that familiar route with my new shoes on. I love them!! So, more walking = less time for blogging.


10. Because having a day off (Memorial Day) really messed with my head. Yes, I was busy, but I also caught up on sleep (or so I thought). Tuesday rolled around, and I was at work. I noticed my watch said 4:55pm. I thought my watch battery had died or that I'd accidentally moved it forward somehow. I thought it was about to be lunch time because I was hungry. I get back to my desk, and all of my clocks say 4:55pm. It was 4:55pm! I had already been home and had lunch! It was almost time to go! Talk about crazy!

Basically, it's not safe to blog while being crazy!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. I am truly thankful for all who have served, are serving, or will serve our country. It is a respect that is deeply rooted in me. I have another belief about the armed forces: If you can't or don't stand behind our brave men and women, please feel free to stand in front of them.

Did you do anything fun for Memorial Day?
If so, comment and tell the Chicken Wing.
Chicken Wing wants to know!

PART TWO "From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." - Arthur Ashe

Okay, so we left off that I was signing on to do something crazy.....and something that was totally worth the lack of sleep, sunburn, and sore muscles.

The Blitz Build was incredible, and we were all coming together to help Jacob Hearn, a little boy with a heart of gold. Here is an excerpt from a local newspaper that summed up the situation and the reason for this blitz build opportunity.

"Jacob had been diagnosed with a rare neuron-migration disorder known as schizencephaly and is confined to a wheelchair. To accommodate Jacob’s needs, Habitat had architectural plans to include wheelchair access and other features that the Farmville affiliate had not incorporated into previous homes. Extra features meant extra expense and finding more funding was not a simple task.Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity (FAHFH) contacted Piedmont Regional Disability Services for assistance and the organization recommended the affiliate for a grant through the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services. The grant, $15,000, through the reimbursement fund, was the right amount necessary to start planning for Jacob’s house.It was stupendous news. Unfortunately, there was a catch. In order for FAHFH to receive these funds, the house had to be completed by May 1, 2009. The impact of a stalled economy on local businesses and contributors had slowed the progress on homes Habitat already had under construction. That meant Habitat had less than two months to build a house for the Hearn family- a house that had not even been started. How could the affiliate possibly gather the manpower needed to accomplish such a feat in a small amount of time? Enter the Habitat Road Trip Crazies!" Source: TSM Newspaper 3/27/2009

So, basically, the Hearn family had the money to make this home right for Jacob, but they had to complete the home in a MAJOR hurry. Tom and his crew (including me) answered the call. Basically, it's hard to describe what goes on in these types of situations, but here are a few keywords that I find helpful: new friendships, lots of hard work, elbow grease, sweat, sunscreen (at least on day two), trying things you've never tried before, courage, determination, love, and that feeling you get when you truly are helping someone - you know, that feeling that you can only get by helping someone else. It's contagious..and thank God for that.

For those of you who are like me, and are visual specimens, here are some pictures from the build. Take a look and you'll see what I mean. Keep in mind that there were actually TWO families touched by the Habitat Roadtrip Crazies that weekend...the second home was already under construction, and the Crazies helped move it right along. (Let's play the new version of Where's's called Where's Chicken Wing. If you look, you'll see a girl in a green T-Shirt with blonde hair pulled back....that would be the Chicken Wing!)






So, I guess I ought to send a big THANK YOU out to Tom Gerdy and the rest of the Crazies. The fire you've started in me is exactly what I was looking for. When I started this journey, I was looking to help people. In helping people, I fed my soul, and ultimately, it helped me. Life's crazy that all comes full circle, one way or another.
I hope that each of you find something that sets your heart on fire. The feeling is indescribable, unforgettable, and well worth whatever it takes to make it happen. I am now armed with the proper materials (ones that a true Crazy should have)...a fuschia toolbelt and a pink hammer. Don't worry, there will be pictures at some point of that! :)
Good luck finding what you're passionate about!
Chicken Wing

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PART ONE "From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." - Arthur Ashe

The title of this post is a quote that has recently become near and dear to my heart. As I mentioned in my profile, I'm on a journey to figure out who and what I want to be. One of the facets of this journey is discovering things that you are passionate about and that light a fire in you.

Some call these things crafts. Some call them hobbies. Some call them "things that fill downtime." I call them "things you really love."

I have been on the hunt for things that I can do that I really love...what am I passionate about? I gave scrapbooking a whirl for a little while. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't something that I was dying to do when 5:30 rolled around. I've been known to attempt crafts...I would love to become a big DIY'er (a Do-It-Yourself'er) someday, so that will be a "passion-in-progress."

Someone who has helped me on this journey to discover my passions is a man named Tom Gerdy. As you know, I don't typically drop real life names in this blog for security/anonymity purposes, but I think the world should know about this man - because he gets it..he gets what life is all about.

Tom is a general contractor by trade, but an inspiration after hours. Now, he wouldn't tell you that, but it's true. He gives of his time, his skill, and even monetarily to people and organizations that need him. He was even honored with a 'Man of the Year' award from the Children's Miracle Network. Yeah, like I said, he's awesome! :)

Anyways, I met Tom through a work project, in which we had him lead in a home-improvement project. It was a major project on a major time-crunch deadline, and you know how this guy inspired me? He taught me how to help in a field completely and utterly out of my comfort zone and never made me feel like I was a waste of his time, or in the way of his progress.

Along with Tom were his band of brothers, including Chuck and Larry...two others who had the same philosophy - teach them what to do and put them to work. The three of them, as well as many others from so many states in the USA, are part of a group called the Habitat Roadtrip Crazies, and they go all over the country helping Habitat For Humanity chapters that really need the help finishing homes. Many times, they help in what are known as "blitz builds," which are home constructions that happen over a weekend. Sometimes, they have enough volunteers to complete multiple homes in ONE WEEKEND. It really is a beautiful thing, and if you ever get the chance to check one out, or better yet HELP, do it. It'll change your life.

When Tom invited me to take part in a blitz build that they were doing in a town near my hometown, I said, "why not, let's do it!"

Sure, I was signing up to work my "real" job all week long (40 hours), and then report for duty Saturday morning at 8:30am, work until after 6pm, go to dinner, go home, go to sleep, wake up and report for duty Sunday morning at 8:30am and work until it was done - okay, in a nutshell, this would be my first 7-day work week in a long while. Crazy, right?

If you think that's crazy, stay tuned for Part Two.
Chicken Wing

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Always Something...

Grr....okay, this is the official first "rant" post that I've written. I have had struggle after struggle with my washing machine, which I bought from a man who "fixes" them and resells them. I know, it wasn't my most intelligent move, but it has worked for several months now.

That is, until today. Just now know, when I started to see and smell smoke and had to turn it off and unplug it. "Just great," I said aloud.

Oh, I was just washing A WHOLE LOAD OF TOWELS, which are now soaking wet...much too wet to put into the dryer. So, it looks like this is the end of our makeshift washing machine.

It's times like these that make it seem like there is always something else that is going to go wrong. Mr. Chicken Wing and I are still fairly young, and so that naturally means we're not wealthy.

I would like to take this time to thank my followers for following my rant, and thank you for tolerating it. I hope that there will not be many posts like these...only when I have to spend several hundred dollars to buy something that I already bought and was told would work. You know, in times like those, I might have to rant a bit. But it will be shortlived and I won't let it get me down.

I'd like to invite any followers or readers to comment on this question:

When you were in the early years of being in the "real world," what struggles did you face and how did you get through them?

And, I'd like to also leave on a good note, because leaving on a bad one would be...well, bad! :)

"In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry, you make it double,
Don't worry, be happy."
-The Great Bobby McFerrin

Until next time,
The Trying-Not-To-Be-Angry Chicken Wing

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sooo Excited!!!!

Everyone always says that you should make time for yourself or you should do something just for you. Some people take bubble baths. Some get manicures, pedicures, or massages (or if they're extremely lucky, ALL THREE). As for me, I've just made the decision of what to do for myself that's just for Chicken Wing.

Chicken Wing decided that in addition to talking in third person, she also wanted a yearly subscription to Real Simple magazine. So guess what?!?!

Chicken Wing did it!

I can't wait for my first issue to arrive! I even am supposed to receive a free gift for signing up. This magazine is one of the most practical and helpful reads imaginable. From their "daily inspiration" articles to their "New Uses for Old Things" column, there is something for everyone between the covers of that magazine. I think my favorite thing about this mag is that, for some reason, when I read it, I really feel connected to the they knew I had a question about a better way to do something, and they felt compelled to answer it to help me out.

So, if you would like to check it out, go to their website. It's pretty awesome, and it's divided into sections across the top, so just click on the category that speaks to you, whether it's 'Home & Organizing,' 'Work & Life,' or 'Beauty & Fashion.'

Click the logo below to visit

Enjoy this new way to better yourself and your life!
Chicken Wing

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Site I'm Loving Right Now!!!

For those of you who know me, you know that I consider myself to be multifaceted. On one hand, I love to dress with the trends...on the other hand, I love to stay with the classics. The same is true for basically everything that deals with this Chicken Wing - from favorite colors, to music, to movies, to books, etc.

I think it may have something to do with that whole "attention-span-of-fruit-fly" thing. :) Either way, when I find something that I really like, I love sharing it with all of my friends, so that is what this entry is about.

If there is one thing that you can always count on to be in style, it is the "sickening-to-some but adorable-to-most" classic preppy style!!! I, for one, LOVE anything monogrammed. I also love containers - you know...pretty things that are meant to contain other things. That might just be considered an obsession of mine, but we should probably just save that for another post.

Back to matter what you're looking for, Preppy Monogrammed Gifts is the place for you! They have the most adorable items, and they are all ready to dazzle you with their preppy goodness!

Follow this link to go straight to the store:

Some items of theirs that I adore are the mousepads, beach towels, drink koozies, and their bags! They also have a fairly new jewelry line that is really cute, too! My favorite thing about this site is how customizable their products are - you really have a lot of options, which ultimately means you get what you want, and that is what I look for when I shop!

Hope this satisfies your preppy craving for the day!

Yours truly,
Chicken Wing

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daily Inspiration!

On rainy days, when the week is dragging on and on and on and on, it is extremely easy for your mind to become filled with negative thoughts. I believe I read somewhere that this is actually a scientific thing (chemicals being released in your brain or something like that).

Either way, whenever you're faced with situations like that, where all you can think about are the things you can't change or things that didn't work out as you would have liked them to, I always find it helpful to read the words of someone who really seems to know what they're talking about.

This brings me to the following quote, and it is from an anonymous source. (I figure they must not want to be subjected to the 'celebrity' status of being a genius, because their words are phenomenal).

"The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have." - Anonymous

Tell me that doesn't put things in perspective! I think it's all about attitude adjustment...even though sometimes I have a hard time getting into the right frame of mind, it is nice to have words like that to remind me to get on the right track!

Hope this helps someone out there!
Chicken Wing

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring....

Holy cow, it's raining cats and dogs right now! I'm not sure why I felt the need to share that (since most of my readers already know that), but we are having quite the thunderstorm. I guess it's okay since apparently we need the rain.

Hopefully it will clear up before this weekend, when my baby sister is set to graduate from college! I can't believe that! I am officially getting old! Haha!

Either way, old or not, I am super excited to see my family! They are the best about attending every single important family event they possibly can. Like I said in my profile, I have the BEST family in the entire world!

My words of wisdom to my faithful followers: make sure you thank the Lord for your family. They make the journey we call life worthwhile, and at the end of the day, they are the ones who will always be there for you. If you're even half as blessed as I am in the family department, you should give God an extra special round of thanks.

Until next time,
Chicken Wing

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The cutest babies in the world!

Haven't introduced the most adorable babies in the world to my blog yet, so here they are!


MuChi (pronouned Mooo-chee)

It's just crazy how happy pets can make you. Coming home to a pet that's always happy to see you and has absolutely no sense of time is the difference between a good day and a bad day sometimes....if I've had the worst day, and I come home to see them - so excited that they can hardly stand it - my day completely turns around. It's a small gift that can't be matched by anything else!

Love those babies!
Chicken Wing


Haha! I know, the title caught your attention! Ladies - enjoy! Gentlemen - take some tips! I don't know where these came from so I don't know who to give credit to, but they are great!

Haha! Hope you found those as great as I did!
Chicken Wing
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