Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not Domestic? Not A Problem!

Hey guys & dolls!  I have a little secret to divulge.  I know it's hard to guess, but I am actually far from domesticated as far as cooking goes!  I know, put on your WOW faces because that is a shocker.

But, I love to share little tips and tricks with those who, like myself, struggle in the battlefield of life that I believe someone once told me was called a kitten chin.  I mean, a keet chen.  Wait, maybe it was called a "kitchen."  I can't be sure, but it sounds like any of those.  :)

One struggle I have in the typical hub of the house is that I have to follow a recipe to a tee.  I have to look back at the recipe at least 24 times, and I have to measure and remeasure.  Basically, what I'm admitting to all of you in the interwebs is that I severely lack confidence in my abilities.  Top Chef, I am not.  But, I try hard, so you've got to love me.

Another struggle I have is that when I'm actually in the mood to make something stupendous, I rarely have all the ingredients I need to make the meal happen.  I know that one could say, "Get off your lazy arse and go to the grocery store," but that would make too much sense.  So, I happen to be most proud of myself when I am a) in the mood to make something and b) I can make something great with things I already have.  Not only did I not have to go to the grocery store to make it happen, but I'm also eating things that are already on-hand, which means I'm not wasting said things.

So, here it is, Peeps - the bread and butter of this post (pun only halfway intended. Because we're talking about food.  Get it?).

Here is one of the EASIEST meals that you can possibly make, according to moi.  It has always been a crowd pleaser (and by crowd pleaser, I mean that Little Sister Chicken Wing doesn't complain when I whip it up), and it takes literally three (3) ingredients. 

I call it Miss Chicken Wing's "What-You-Already-Got Casserole."

Ingredient List:

1.  Whatever pasta you have in the pantry.  For this batch, I had elbow macaroni.

2.  Whatever pasta sauce you already have.  For this batch, I chose Ragu Garlic & Onion.

3.  Whatever cheese you already have, but I hope you have mozzerella and parmesan.

What's Next:

1.  Boil said pasta, then drain.  Return to pot.
2.  While letting pasta boil, set oven to 350 degrees.

3.  Stir in pasta sauce, making sure all pasta is coated.
4.  Transfer mixture of pasta and sauce to a 13x9" casserole dish.
5.  Add in cheese.  I like to layer, so I add a bottom layer of pasta/sauce and then layer of cheese.  Top layer of pasta/sauce and then layer of cheese on very top.  I like cheese.  A lot.  Really, who doesn't?
6.  Place in oven for 15 minutes, then remove from oven, turn oven off, and serve.

See, six easy steps!  You are welcome!

Oh, whoops, I forgot an important one.  ADD ADDITIONAL PARMESAN CHEESE!!!!

SHAKY CHEESE!!!!!!!!!  Oh, how I adore thee!

This has been Miss Chicken Wing's edition of "Not Domestic?  Not A Problem."

Until next time,

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