Tuesday, April 7, 2009


For those of you who know me, you know that my daddy raised me to be a die-hard North Carolina Tar Heels fan! If you watch television or surf the internet at all, then you know that my Tar Heels have brought the NCAA Men's Basketball Title back home to Chapel Hill where it belongs!!!!!!!! Although the game was not as exciting (and by exciting, I mean close) as I thought it would be, we played our hearts out, made smart decisions, and led the ENTIRE GAME. As a result, we showed the world that we could live up to the hype, and we also showed the world that we had EARNED our #1 seed. As I sit here right now, I am wearing my daddy's UNC sweatshirt, that I have worn to every UNC game that I have attended because I wanted to take him to the games with me. I know he is definitely happy as can be in heaven, and that point is evident to me just by looking at the sky today - it is the PERFECT shade of Carolina blue! So, this is my blog post dedicated to the best team in the country, with the best coach, Roy Williams, in the country. We are the champions. We have broken championship records. We have set the standard for college basketball.

We are THE University of North Carolina.


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Janet said...

As Caitlin's Aunt Janet and a die-hard Dookie ! I pulled hard for the Tarheels to bring the NCAA home to the ACC -the best conference in the country as well. As always her dad, my brother is with me during every UNC game especially when it is Duke vs UNC. He is so smiling from above for the win and his little girl wearing his shirt with pride !! Love you Catie POO !

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