Thursday, April 16, 2009

Five Years....

It is so incredibly hard to believe but Mr. Chicken Wing and I have been dating for FIVE YEARS as of Saturday!!!! It's definitely the longest relationship that either of us has ever been in, and I would have to say we have learned so many things so far!

In order to really take a look at our time together, and being someone who happens to do research for a living, I decided to analyze how long we'd actually been a couple.

* 60 months
* 261 weeks
* 1,826 days
* 43,829 hours
* 2,629,743 minutes
-And the Kicker!-
* 157,784,630 seconds

That's a lot of time! Haha! (Thank you Google Calculator, without which I wouldn't have been able to break that down for you!) All I really know is that I am exceptionally grateful for Mr. Chicken Wing. I can be tough to deal with sometimes, and he's done a great job of putting up with me so far!

So, here is to my handsome man....Mr. Chicken Wing!
I love you to pieces, babe!

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