Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do What You Love FREE Print!

It's no secret that when I find goodness, I want to send it your way.  Today, some extreme goodness was found.  If you haven't heard of Joy Kelly, then you are missing out, Peeps!  She is one of the most talented and amazing women I've ever "met" on the interwebs.  Although I don't know her personally, I can plainly see the ridiculously crafty goodness she possesses.  Her blog is How Joyful and in it, Joy showcases the amazing things she makes.

She is the proud owner of a shop on Etsy, also called How Joyful, where she creates accessories like belts, hair flowers, headbands, wristlets, purses, etc.  She also finds time to run How Joyful Design, where she custom designs templates and codes for blogs, websites, and pretty much anything!  She even makes clothes, and they are amazing!  She made her own wedding dress, for crying out loud.  (To see the finished product in the amazing pictures of her wedding day "first look," click here.)  Literally, this woman astounds me with her craftiness!

Basically......I declare today the day that the How Joyful blog has been officially given "Chicken Wing Approved" status!

In addition to showing her some love for all her hard work, I wanted to share with you an amazing free printable download that she is offering!  Joy made this gorgeous graphic in several colors, and you can pick which one you love the most.  I plan to put mine in my home office, as it is such an inspiring saying!

Natually, I chose the pink one!
If you would like to score one of these beauties for yourself, all I ask is that you head on over and check out Joy's blog by clicking here.  She truly is an amazing woman and an incredible talent, and I'd love for my Peeps to throw some love and support her way!  And a HUGE THANK YOU to Joy for the amazing poster design!  You rock, lady!

Until next time,


Joy @ HowJoyful said...

Aww you have no idea how much you made my day!! I am just so happy, today was such a hard day and coming home and reading your post was just awesome :) I can go to bed with a huge smile!

I love it! and Thank you for sharing my printable!


Joy -

Chicken Wing said...

Awww, yay!!! I am so glad to have been able to make you smile today - you so deserve it! I'm sorry that yesterday was a hard day for you, and I hope today gets better, especially since Thanksgiving is tomorrow!!! :) You are so welcome and thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring woman!

Chicken Wing

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