Friday, November 19, 2010

The Holidays Are Coming!

Wowee, where has 2010 gone?  Thanksgiving is next week, Peeps!  I mean, seriously!  I can't believe that less than seven days from today, we will be gorging ourselves with turkey, watching football, playing football (if the weather's decent), and taking my beloved turkey naps!  I love it!

With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, and let's face it - you either love the day or hate the day.  Some people have that thirst-for-blood type of adrenaline rush when this day rolls around.  You know the type - they camp outside of their favorite store, and they are the first in line for when the doors open at 3:00am.  Then, there are the folks who make up the other side - we'll call them the haters.  The haters would rather chew off their own arms than deal with overly agressive mothers who would actually endanger the life of their toddler by trying to take you out with their stroller.  "Don't touch that Tickle Me Elmo or you're going to wake up with stroller tracks all over you!"

I, myself, have been on both sides of the shopping madness.  I love the deals that you can score, but I have to be honest and say that I loathe getting up that early.  I mean, I'm not even myself at that hour.  And, I have had a woman try to maim me with her child-in-stroller, and I honestly believed that one of us was going to jail that morning.  (By one of us, I mean her.  It would be easier for me to get away since she did bring her child, and what do they do if they're not slowing you down?)

The reason this topic came about is because Comanche and I were sharing our stances on this special day, and I learned that he actually likes the thrill of the hunt, and he likes to go early.  That conversation got me to thinking about cute holiday things that you get while Christmas shopping.  Those thoughts got me to thinking about using said things while decorating my home for Christmas.  Then, I started to get excited.

Every year about this time, I try to find some of the cutest holiday gifts and decor around, and I love to share them with all of you.  I mean, as long as y'all don't go crazy and buy them all so I cannot attain one, I'm cool with sharing.

First up, some great ornaments for your tree! 

The girly girl in me dies for these Pier 1 beauties!

Purses + Heels + Glitter = Love

Oh Em Gee these penguins are adorable! They're called "Wrapped In Love" and you can put you & your honey's names on them!  Hallmark strikes again with impeccable cuteness!

Cute for the sister God gave you, or for one you chose yourself!

If I wasn't a novice camper, I would totally rock this cutie!

Preppy Chic - yes, Lilly Pulitzer makes ornaments!

Maybe you have a grillmaster in your life.  How cute!  It even opens to show some delicious hamburgers!

Stay tuned for the next installment of 'The Holidays Are Coming!'

Until next time,

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