Monday, October 10, 2011

In Case You Need Uplifting

Just to start your week off in the right fashion, I thought I'd share my favorite of the songs we sang at church yesterday.  It truly does have a powerful message, and sometimes, I find that is exactly what you need to cleanse your mind and heart in order to start a brand new week.

I found this song especially moving, simply because I've been so incredibly busy lately.  I've found it very difficult to just stop and slow down for a minute.  Don't get me wrong - I love being busy.  It beats the alternative any day of the week, but one thing I constantly struggle with is balance.  I need to continually practice the balancing act that is life.  You are supposed to work hard, but you also need to take time to relish in the moments life presents to you, and that's something I need to be better about.

So, to those of you who are like me, and forget the simple truth about who gives you the strength to handle all of life's challenges, and through whose teachings you can learn to find balance, this song's for you.  Happy Monday, everyone!


Until next time,

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