Monday, October 17, 2011

When Tragedy Strikes...Pray

I know there are some of you who saw the title to this post and had to have assumed it was going to be about my Redskins losing to the daggum Eagles.  Trust me, there was some major praying after the horrific event that was today's game.  I really wish things had gone another way, but this post is of a much more serious nature.

I don't know if you guys saw this in the news today, but I felt compelled to share.  I may be a girl who loves to watch a lot of different things on television, though racing is not one of them.  But, I am a girl who has experienced the death of someone very close to me because of a car accident and in a very unfortunate series of events, another family is having to deal with that situation on this very day.


Today, during his "normal" workday in an Indy car race in Las Vegas, 33-year-old British driver Dan Wheldon was involved in a 15-car pileup that ultimately resulted in his passing.  In the video clip above, Dan's car was the one that went airborne.  He is survived by an industry and all of his colleagues, as well as his wife, Susie, and his two sons - Sebastian (2) and Oliver (7 months).  It will indefinitely be a very difficult road for all of them, especially since it was an accident that occurred on television and will most certainly be replayed hundreds of times in the coming weeks.

This tragedy had not yet happened when I left church this morning, but being as this is a Sunday and faith is needed when times are hard, I felt it might be good to ask for a massive prayer request for this family.  I ask each of you to include them in your prayer list as their hearts and minds are full of sorrow and grief today.  I hope the video clip inspires you to dig down deep and hug the ones close to you - you never know when a normal day could go horribly wrong.

In the spirit of faith, here is a Song of Sunday to get your minds right for the coming week - it definitely did that for me today, and it was the first time we sang this at our church.  I was very impressed with the message and felt it was ultimately fitting after today's events.

Here is "Never Once" by Matt Redman.


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