Thursday, December 22, 2011

If I Were Famous...

I've always found the idea of being famous a little crazy.  It must be totally weird to be followed around and to see your face on the covers of tabloids with lies emblazoned across your chest claiming to know the next "big" thing about you.  It must be hard to date and make true friends.

So, my recent thoughts about being famous are these:  There are a few people that I would LOVE to hang out with/be best friends with should I happen to become famous anytime soon.  List form works for me, so here we go, Peeps!

1.  Anderson Cooper

Hello, Silver Fox!  I love you!
Ahh, Anderson Cooper.  I adore you.  Why?  You are so down-to-earth and hilarious, and I genuinely believe that you care about people.  I feel that you are one of the most honest reporters/hosts that has ever existed, and I really appreciate your passion for good solid journalism.  I love that you cover topics as serious as war and as light-hearted as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I love that you include your mother, the ever fabulous and classy Gloria Vanderbilt, in your new show and I am so glad to be hearing more from her!  I love that you can laugh at yourself (can we say Gigglegate 2011?).  And you are gorgeous, but this you already know.  If I become famous, let's hang out, mmkay?

2.  William and Kate

Love, sweet love!
These lovebirds need no introduction!  Why do I want to be mates with these two?  I love how charitable they are and how connected they are to the general public.  I have to imagine that being royalty would make that a wee bit hard, but they do a fine job!  I love Kate's sense of style - she is the epitome of class and grace, and I love William's sense of humor!  It appears very clear to me that these two adore each other and are genuinely happy, which is something I believe the world wanted to see.  We all know the difficult journey Princess Diana was on, and I am thrilled to see her son have a bit different path.  I feel that their accents alone could entertain me for days, and therefore, these two make my list!

3.  Tim Tebow

Okay, is this guy seriously not the total package?  Good looking - super check!  Smart - check!  Talented - check!  Driven - check!  Good Christian man - you know it!  Role model - check!  I would love to be friends with this guy mostly just to thank him for continually persevering when people try to bring him down. He recently said in an interview that the reason why he was so open with his faith is because due to his success on the football field, he had both, "a platform and a responsibility," and that is nothing if not admirable.  We need more solid men like Tim in the world who get what's important.  He seems to have a good head on his shoulders and values that are important to him.  I am down with that, so let's be friends, Tebow!

So that's my short list for now, folks!  What famous people would you want to be friends with if you had the opportunity?

Until next time,

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