Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chicken Wing Musical Obsession

One thing you may not know about me is that I have a slightly obsessive personality...sometimes a movie, song, book, TV Show, etc. will catch my attention and I can't get enough!

One of my obsessions for the past few years is a band called Paramore. They are completely awesome, and I hope to shed some light on this group if you've never heard of them before. Their music is great (with amazing guitar riffs, and of course, rhythmic drumming). One of my favorite aspects of this band (like many Paramore fans) is Hayley Williams, the lead singer. She's a tiny "one-of-the-boys" girl with a powerhouse voice that is completely unexpected. I think another surprise that comes along with Hayley is her vocal control - every note she sings is calculated, and her endurance is incredible....she can jump around the stage, throw her hair around, and her voice never falters. The best part is - Hayley is not a lip-syncher! She sings live, as evidenced by the deviations from the original song and new arrangements, as well as her acoustic ability. Basically, she is completely awesome!

So, here is the video for their new single, Ignorance, and I hope you enjoy them. I've also included the video for Decode, which was used on the Twilight soundtrack. You will see the range of this group, and don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting more. As far as I can tell, it's a common side effect of Paramore!

Video Source

Video Source

Miss Paramore-Obsessed Chicken Wing

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