Monday, September 21, 2009

The Feeling of Giving

As I've mentioned before (here and here), the only way you can recreate the feeling you get when you help someone is by helping someone else. It never goes out of style, it never gets old, and it's one thing that you truly can never get tired of. There are very few things that fall into that category (like good dessert, laughing with friends, and Cool Whip, among other things).

Well, this past weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to join the 2009 Women's Build at our local Habitat for Humanity, and it was a blast! I got to be on a team that we coined "Norma and the Pink Seahorses," (more on that in a second) and we constructed all of the jacks (for doors and windows) of the home.

It was a great bonding experience! Some women I knew, and some I'd never laid eyes on before, but we were all there supporting a great cause. The one thing that I love about Habitat for Humanity is that it's a hand up, not a hand out. The homeowners help build their own home, and in this case, it was a single mom with two children. She couldn't believe all of the progress we made and she was excited to help out in any way she could!

Now, back to the team name that you're probably wondering about. Norma was a great lady at the fantastically young age of eighty who was wayyyyy more handy with a hammer than I am. She just lit up our faces with smiles the entire day, and therefore, we made her our team captain. The t-shirts for this build were pink (it was a women's build, after all, and you know yours truly had absolutely no problem with this choice), so that's where the pink came from. The last part of the equation came out of a moment of hilarity. My great friend, Clarissa, said to me with the straightest, most serious face, "I think this seahorse is about to break." I looked at her and must have had the most incredulous face on, because she laughed and inquired as to why I was looking at her that way. I asked her to say what she said again, and I was trying to make out what she was talking about and she repeated herself and pointed to the SAWHORSE!

Our whole team just lost it, and she was embarassed, but she shouldn't have was CLASSIC, PRICELESS, and completely ADORABLE. So, we then brought our team name into the world: Norma and the Pink Seahorses.

See pic below of Miss Chicken Wing as a Pink Seahorse:

Photo Credit
Please note the hot pink tool belt and baby pink hammer. The leader of the Habitat Roadtrip Crazies told me that all I needed to be a successful Crazie was a toolbelt and a hammer, so you know I wouldn't waste the opportunity to completely go girly. Besides, part of the proceeds of each sale went towards breast cancer, and when I saw that, it was a done deal. Check out to get your own!!!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing-Seahorse

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