Friday, September 11, 2009

TODAY: The Downside

Today is September 11th. Today marks the anniversary of the largest tragedy in United States history - the day when we were attacked, and 2,993 people lost their lives.

While it is a depressing thing to remember, due to the loss we felt that day and the loss we feel every day as the war rages on and on, it is exceptionally important to recall the happenings of that day. It was a day for the history books, and I remember exactly what I was doing when it occurred. I was in high school and on a break, when we saw the first Tower burning, and then not too long afterwards, we saw the second plane hit the second Tower. Then, we were informed of the attack on the Pentagon. Finally, the last plane went down in that field in Pennsylvania. We were young and naive to attacks on our country, but we all knew the gravity of the situation. There were tears and flashes of anger, but mostly disbelief - "things like this don't happen." Well, they do happen sometimes, and it's just the reality of the world we live in.

So, I would like to send a prayer up to heaven for all of those who were lost that day - for their families and friends, who have to carry on today after experiencing that pang of loss for the 8th time. I would like to pray for the survivors and their families and friends, for today is a reminder of just how fragile life is. I would like to pray for the heroes, and there were many. The policemen, the firefighters, the EMTs, the doctors, the volunteers, the passersby, the legislation who were put in an impossibly vunerable position that day, the passengers of the last hijacked plane, United Airlines Flight 93, who were able to stop their attackers from doing more damage - and giving their lives in the process. I would like to pray for the troops, who have been fighting to protect us since the beginning of our great nation, and especially for the past 8 years. They have fought, they have been wounded, they have had to be apart from their families, they have died.

9/11/01...we must never forget. We must always remember.

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I am a proud American. Out of all of the feelings that this tragedy caused, the most dominant feeling was love. Pure love. That is why we are who we are...we are Americans. Americans are some of the proudest folks in the world, and we should be. We live in a pretty great place, and while we might encounter struggles while trying to survive, we have a whole lot to be thankful for. Enjoy the video above, and pray for those I mentioned above today...add on anyone that you'd like! The power of prayer is unmatched, and if there was ever a day to do it, today is it!

God Bless America,
Miss Chicken Wing

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