Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicken Wing Movie Review: This Is It


This Chicken Wing Movie Review is one that touches my heart, as you all know that I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, and have been all my life. I wasn't sure what to expect out of this film as we pre-ordered our tickets to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the King of Pop's last show. In his words, it was a "curtain call," and as he told all of his fans, "This is it."

I don't think he could have ever realized how true those words would be when he uttered them, and to watch the movie, Momma Chicken Wing and I both agreed that it made us sad. Not sad because it was disappointing (it most certainly was not), but sad because the overwhelming feeling of "it wasn't his time" came over you.

After watching the film, I had no new revelations. I already knew how hard Michael Jackson worked to perfect his art - he was the pinnacle of entertainment. I already knew how passionate he was about his songs and his moves. I already knew how he championed many causes, the top two being protection and advocation of children, and preservation and sustenance of the planet we all call home.

What touched me was watching the "chosen ones," the dancers hand-picked from thousands to be extensions of the man himself while on stage, talk about what it meant to them to work with the King of Pop. Their love and admiration of this man was completely evident, and they were different ages, from different countries, and different ethnicities. They were a good picture of our world - a world that was touched by a gifted individual. The director, choreographer, vocal leader, music director, backup singers, and band members all discussed what an honor and a privilege it was to work with a man so "kind, generous, and dedicated."

I also loved the fact that Michael was taking this show to the next level - yes, it was going to feature songs that he made into record gold in years past, but he had added things to make them current and even better! To be frank, I would have probably considered giving my first born child to go to that show! (Just kidding, future first born child!) Bottom line: It would have been one of the highlights of my life - to see someone of that level of genius in his element for the last time.

Months ago, I took advantage of an opportunity to become a part of this movie by submitting my photo to the Michael Jackson: This Is It Fan Mosaic. Basically, they wanted to recreate the movie poster, and they wanted to make it out of the pictures of Michael Jackson's fans. I thought it was a really cool way to show your support of the artist, and I really was hoping that my photo would be selected. I wrote myself a note of the date in which to check the website.

Here is what the finished mosaic looks like (zoomed out, of course):


Imagine my surprise and happiness when a search of the mosaic produced this:


I was completely overjoyed that my photo had made it! I did some editing of the photo above so you could see just where my picture was placed (see the red arrow). All you had to do was search by name, country, or favorite Michael Jackson song (and believe me, that was a TOUGH one!). And, when you zoom in, you can see the thousands of pictures that they used to make this portrait of the man himself. It was a really cool experience that I am privileged to have had.

Basically, I will be buying the DVD of this show, and I hope that people who didn't understand MJ will watch it. There were many people whose only goal was to bring him down when he was alive. That is unfortunate, but there is nothing we can do about that now. He didn't let it beat him down. His priorities were his children, his family, his fans, his causes, his world. I think that he is a shining example of perseverence.

(I also think it's pretty cool that a 50 year old man can still dance better than twenty-somethings that idolize him!)

So, that's my biased wrap-up. :) I love the King of Pop, and I loved this movie. It gave me the chance to "see" him in concert. So, if you are a fan, or are just curious, take a look at it. You might just find yourself enjoying. You'll most likely find yourself singing along!

Until next time,

Miss Chicken Wing

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