Friday, December 11, 2009

There's No Time Like Christmas To Show People That You're Crazy!

And I'm going to let the following pictures and movie speak for the title! :) I told you Christmas was my favorite time of year, and I love to be crazy and fun around the holidays!

Take this, for example. When else can you dress like an elf and people not think you're crazy?

You know the holidays are upon you when you wear an elf hat around your guy friends and they still pose in a picture without minding!

You also know that the holidays are drawing near when you are actually requested to wear your elf hat at the company Christmas party! :) Holiday cheer, anyone? Presents, anyone?

Lemme totally didn't think it could get any better, right? Well, HA! Now, there are two elves. BOOM! :) Meet TayTay, the second Christmas elf! (He also happens to be my boss's son!) He did a great job helping the Boss Elf (yours truly) pass out gifts to the employees! I must admit that I was happy to have the help...all that elfing sure makes ya tired!

And finally, I leave you with this. A family full of elves dancing in a hip-hop style. Does it honestly get better than this?!?!?! Yeah, I agree with you this time - PROBABLY NOT! I hope you enjoy my family in this Elf Yourself video!

Without further ado, I present to you Miss Chicken Wing, Mr. Chicken Wing, Momma Chicken Wing, Little Sister Chicken Wing, and Little Brother Chicken Wing - the hip-hop dancing elves!!!

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Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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