Monday, May 10, 2010

Decorawesome - Thank You, TJ Maxx!

I consider myself to be a Maxxinista, and I absolutely love perusing that store! With their fairly quick turnover of inventory, it's always a new adventure when you walk into TJ Maxx, and it easily enables the thrill of the hunt for me!

When you can find items that are normally too rich for your blood at a killer deal, there's nothing quite like it!

This segment of how yours truly, Miss Chicken Wing, is slowly making her little home decorawesome is brought to you by TJ Maxx!

Have you seen the photos that have been circulating fairly recently? They are letters that are actually not letters at all - they're architectural details that happen to look like letters!

See what I mean? I fell head over heels for this form of art because I found it so interesting. In fact, since I happened upon this type of decor, I've even been looking out for any examples in real day-to-day life! I haven't found many, but the hunt is still fun!

The problem I found with this particular type of art is that it was pretty....pretty overpriced, that is. Enter my secret boyfriend, TJ Maxx.

I found two prints that were framed canvas and I absolutely love them! The first I bought was "Love." The quote that's featured underneath the architectural lettered-word is the George Sands saying, "There is only one happiness in life - to love and be loved."

The second that I bought is "Family." This print features the Anthony Brandt quote, "Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."

Really, when you think about your home, what are the two most important components?

It's not the designer couch you stalked for months, comparison shopping at every furniture store in your geographical area. It's not the granite counter tops that scream, "Look at me! I've officially made it! I am somebody!" It's not the sassy and smooth hardwood floors that promise to make your life so much easier in regards to cleaning house.

It's not having a perfectly manicured lawn, a pool, a hot tub, both?, or a paved driveway.

The two most important components of your home are love and family. Otherwise, what's the point? If you have love and family in your home, it doesn't matter where that home is. Heck, you could live in a cardboard box (albeit a large cardboard box), but you would have what's most important in the world where you reside.

That's why I wanted these two pieces - not because of what they are as much as for what they represent to me. Every time I look at them, I get a gentle reminder of what's important, and that is an incredible bonus.

So, I left TJ Maxx, once again, a happy girl. Consider me a Maxxinista for life!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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Sara said...

LOVE TJ Maxx! Next time let me shop with you!

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