Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chick's Pick: New Music on My Playlist

As you know by now, I love to share things with you, my Peeps, that I love in the hopes that some or all of you might love them too. Whether it's fashion finds, movies, TV shows, or music, I love to let you all in on what's rocking my world at the moment.

This edition of Chick's Pick will be of the musical variety (one of my favorites!).

Here are some tunes that you may never have heard but should hear, or songs that you can't get enough of. Heck, you may even hate these song selections, but that would just be silly, and I can't buy it. Here we go...

First up, "Animal" by Neon Trees. I love the lead vocalist's voice, and the song is pretty darn catchy. Check it out:


Next up is Sarah McLachlan, whose angelic voice has enchanted me since the very first time I heard her sing a note. She has a cute and cheeky new tune out called "Loving You Is Easy." I'm digging it, so I would love to share it with you. Check it out:


Next up is Aaron Fresh, who is a breath of fresh air in regards to pop/hip hop. (Pun only half-way intended). This song, again, is a catchy little diddy, and it's quite adorable. I do apologize in advance if "Spending All My Time Loving You" gets stuck in your heads - honestly, it most likely will happen! Check it out:


Next up is one of my favorite bands of all time - Paramore! I've written about them in previous posts, and they continue to blow my mind, so I'm going to add two songs from them: their newest single, "The Only Exception," and one of my favorites from their latest album Brand New Eyes, "All I Wanted." The second video is simply because lead singer Hayley Williams' voice is absolutely sick in that song! You gotta listen to that one until the end - she hits a note that will make your skin crawl - and I mean that in the BEST possible way!



So, I hope you enjoyed this musical journey today, and that you've found something to groove to during your busy day! I'm always happy to bring the tunes to you! If you guys and gals have found any good tunes that I might not be hip to, please comment and let me know! I'll give anything a listen once! :)

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing


Brandi said...

I really like Animal by Neon Trees! I've never heard that song before- thanks for contributing to my itunes account :)

Chicken Wing said...

@Brandi: YAY! I am really glad that I could introduce you to this song! I get SO excited every time it comes on my satellite radio in the car! Haha! It's definitely good for dashboard drumming!

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