Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Coming Home

Okay, so it's Friday and I am officially excited because this evening is the start of my college's Homecoming Weekend!  It also happens to be my five year reunion (and I will be spending a large amount of time this weekend wondering how in the world that happened). 

Homecoming always means seeing the faces of the ones you lived your life with in college - the ones you laughed with, the ones you cried with, the ones who kept your secrets, and the ones who trusted you to keep theirs.  It's literally a family reunion, because during your college years, they became your family.  For some, college was so far from home they had no choice but to adapt, which sometimes meant they came to your house for Thanksgiving or Fall Break.

College is a formative time in your life where you first get to make important decisions for yourself.  What clubs or groups will you join? What sports will you play?  What on-campus jobs will you hold?  What internship will you go for?  It may seem trivial, but you are building your identity, and for the first time, your parents aren't the ones giving you the answers.  It's nice to know you have your new family around you to support you in all you do.

So, posting will be light this weekend because I rarely get to enjoy the company of these fantastic family members now that we're out in the real world and I plan to enjoy them to the fullest while we're all together again!  And now, an important message from Chris Daughtry:


Until next time,


Erin said...

#1- I cant beleive that it has been 5 years since you graduated. It seems like it wasnt that long ago that we were sitting on the floor in Hall campus center playing namegames on bid day. crazy!

I am new to blogging but yours is always a good read! Feel free to check out Epic Tales of a Professional Freakshow in Heels at

Chicken Wing said...

Awww, EEEE! I know, I can't believe it's been that long either! So much has happened and so much has changed, but the good times and people we met in college have always stayed the same!

I too remember the multiple bid days we went through together, and the sisterhood we share! I heart you too much! Thank you for stopping in, and give me five minutes, then count me as a follower of your blog! LOVE the name! You are so precious!

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