Monday, May 23, 2011

I Am Addicted

Top o' the morning to you, Peeps!  I hope you are all having a blessed and wonderful Monday morning (I know...I did just use the words 'wonderful' and 'Monday' in the same sentence intentionally - I do hope you are each having a great day). 

Let's jump right in.  Today's topic is addiction.  Now, this is not a laughing matter, so I don't want people to think that I'm making light of a serious situation.  Having an addiction to anything is really not the best case scenario, but I guess some addictions are better than others.

Comanche and I were taking some time to unwind yesterday after another exceptionally busy week/weekend. To be honest, it was a perfect evening - the two of us (and three dogs, if we're being honest) on the couch, chillaxing with Chinese takeout and conversation. He made the joke that I am addicted to funny things (well, they are funny to him).  Here was the list:  television, the computer, my dogs, and couponing.  LOL!  It does sounds humorous when said in list form.

But, I think he has a strong case.  Let's work through these one by one, because I'm completely fine with just "owning it."

1.  Television.

Okay, I'm guilty.  Throw the book at me.  I love TV.  Being as I work for a TV station, I feel as though it's my vital responsibility to partake in television shows regularly (and by regularly, I mean every.single.night.of.the.week).  I mean, who isn't excited for these shows this week?

Yes, please! Who will win?!?!
As far as this show goes, and as far as this season goes,

I give it a 10!

The suspense is killing me! SO glad Haley went home!

I DIE!!!!!   MAY 26TH!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  FAVE SHOW!!!!!

Cannot wait for this season finale on Wednesday!
Okay, so clearly my man has a point when it comes to being addicted to TV.  I'm not ashamed to admit it, and quiz me on any of these shows later.  You'll be impressed, I promise!

2.  The computer.

I'll go ahead and jump on this grenade, as well.  I have to use the computer every day at work, and obviously, when I get home, the computer provides me with a wealth of information.  I check my facebook, I blog (which is clearly the most important thing you have to read, so you're welcome), I pay bills online, I check movie times, I double and triple-check recipes and cooking instructions, and a multitude of other things.  I think those are more than justified reasons to be addicted to your computer/the internet.

3.  My dogs.

Duh.  There is no argument here.  Ask any mother, and she'll tell you that when she looks into the big eyes of her children, she feels compelled to make them happy.  Okay, maybe all mothers except for those of teenagers (or extremely fussy babies).  But, if you had fur-children that looked like this, you would totally understand:

Oh my gosh, why are you the cutest dogs that have ever lived?!?!?!?!?
4.  Couponing.

Okay, again, he's got me.  This is probably my newest addiction, and it's actually one I've been wanting to write about for some time now.  I just haven't had the time to do the kind of post I really want to be able to do.  So, I am going to make you wait for it.  I will be completely transparent here - my newest addiction does take quite a bit of time.  Quite a bit of time is something that I don't have (or maybe I would have if I could shift some of my other addictions around).  But, I will say this - I wouldn't allow myself to become addicted to couponing if I didn't see the value in it.  So you'll have to keep checking back for more - it might interest you more than you currently think it will.  ;)

In closing, "Hi.  My name is Chicken Wing, and I am an addict."

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

Ok... I'm with you on the American Idol thing. But if Lauren doesn't win, I might cry... just a little.

And come on.... share the wealth with your coupon knowledge. I'm a baby couponer and would love a helpful tutorial. :)

Happy Monday to ya girl!

Chicken Wing said...

@Brittany: Awww, I hope you didn't cry too bad - I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I felt like if people voted with the entire season in mind, Scotty would win, but if they based it more on the last performance show, Lauren had it hands-down! I think both of them will have amazing careers, though!

Yes, I will be doing a coupon post! Maybe even multiple posts! I'm a baby couponer, too, but I'm starting to get the hang of it! Hope you're having a good day, especially since you're all graduated and everything! :)

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