Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She Get It From Her Momma

Okay, so you'll have to excuse the incredibly lame title of this post.  For some reason, it was the only thing I kept coming back to.  Not to mention that I've been told at least once a week since I was born that I look exactly like my mother.  So, I felt it fit well enough.

I hope that all the mothers out there had an amazing Mother's Day this past weekend, and that you were able to be surrounded by the families you helped to create!  There are many things that should be celebrated about mothers:  the countless hours they spent giving birth to us, the endless amount of Band-Aids that they placed on our knees, the number of birthday candles they placed on our cakes each year, the amount of miles they put on their minivans in order to come to every.single.event we ever participated in, the amount of ibuprofen they popped during our overly mouthy teenaged years.

Moms are half of the parental good stuff, and they definitely should be celebrated.  I know that we had a great Mother's Day!  We started it off by heading to an amazing church service at our amazing church.  We got to see Comanche's Mom and Dad there, and were able to give her the card we'd picked out. 

From Left:  Momma CW, Comanche, Miss CW, Comanche's Momma
From there, we met up with the rest of the Chicken Wing siblings and made our way to the big city to celebrate with my family.  (Anyone reading this that actually knows me will laugh at my account of where I'm from).

Why did we go to the nest where I grew up?  Why, to celebrate these two lovely ladies, of course!

What did our day consist of?  Well, what didn't it consist of?  First, we had a delicious lunch prepared by Grandma Chicken Wing!  Then, we took the celebration outside.  The first order of business - the age old tradition of playing baseball in the back yard (with the hot pink plastic bat and what used to be white plastic ball - now, they are both completely covered in duct tape).  Ghetto?  Yes.  Super fun?  Also yes.

Then, we moved on to tossing the football and running routes, and I have to say that was short-lived.  The only two who were really interested in that were Comanche and Little Brother Chicken Wing, and so they lost the vote on what to do.  After that had been settled, we moved on to volleyball.  Our net may or may not have been my Grandma's clothesline.  (We Chicken Wings are nothing if not resourceful).

After several hours in the hot sun and buckets of sweat, we went back inside and played Mexican dominoes!  I know I talk about this game frequently, and I'm so serious - if you've not played it, you need to try!  It is so much fun!  The tournament was tight, and there was massive smack talking going down.  After getting fired up, Comanche ended up winning (and it was only his SECOND TIME playing).  Beginner's luck?

Then, we decided we hadn't killed our muscles enough, so we ventured back outside for more volleyball.  After all of our forearms were decidedly red and in pain, we went back inside the house for dinner.  Whew, what a day!  After gifts were opened by the ladies-of-the-day, we called it a night!  I could not have been happier or more worn out! 

I hope you all had a day as fabulous as ours!  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you've ever done for us!  We appreciate it more than we articulate it!

Until next time,

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