Monday, August 3, 2009

Chick's Pick: Summer Must-Haves

Since I recently posted the beach sneak-peek recap, I thought it only appropriate to post the Chick's Pick for Summer Must-Haves!

There were some items that made this summer (and our beach trip) absolutely wonderful, so I figured it might be best to share it with my faithful followers. Who knows, you might just get something out of it, and you might just find your new summer must-have!

First, let's start with the health and beauty must-haves.

The absolute first thing that I feel is necessary to have during the summer is a great sunscreen! I know that I have a really sensitive face - I can't wear normal sunscreens because they always mess with my complexion. I've honestly been searching for the "best" facial sunscreen for me and I believe I've found it in Aveeno's Positively Radiant line. I used the SPF 15 this year. (Funny story from last year: My dermatologist insisted that I wear SPF 30 last summer, which I did. The upside: My face was protected! The downside: The rest of my body tanned, and my face did not, and I looked like Casper the confused ghost! Needless to say, I refused this year!)

The next thing on my list of summer must-haves is Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Nobody likes rough lips, and let's face it - sunburned lips is NOT something you want to deal with! Trust's happened to me ONCE, and I vowed to never let it happen again. I think it's probably the time for me to tell you that I am a ChapStic/Lipstuff freak! I have to put it on every single night before I go to bed, and I absolutely adore Burt's Bees. They also have a pomegranate formula, which is also fabulous!!!

Ahh, the last in the health and beauty category - nail polish! If there ever was a must for the beach, it is nail polish! I love any and everything Tuscan-inspired, and lucky for me, Revlon came out with a brand new shade called Tuscan Sun! It really is a pretty shade - a mixture of brick red, orange, and hot pink all in one! The overall effect is pretty matte, unless you add a shiny topcoat to it, but it is beautiful. It really makes you think of a dark sunset!!! If you like red nail color, you should definitely give this one a try!

Up next is entertainment...what does the Chick Pick for keeping yourself entertained? Read on, friends!

Okay, I am halfway expecting "hate comments" on this one, but hear me out! I was never a Tori Spelling fan until I, by chance, was flipping through the television stations and came across her show on Oxygen. I left it there for a minute, and became absolutely enthralled! She really has this unbelievable personality that really comes through in the show, that I never realized was there when she was playing Donna Martin on 90210. She has written the two books above, (inserted in order for your convenience), and they are great! I loved the first one, Stori Telling, as it really gives some insight into her life and the tabloid tales - she tells the true version, though! Mommywood was also good, but I think it will be something I appreciate more when I have children of my own. Her stories are too funny, though, and she shows that even though she lives in Hollywood, she still has the situations that we all do, and her "voice" throughout the books is really refreshing!

Okay, people. I've already written about this movie here. I still stand by all that I said in that post, and that is why it is THE movie of the summer. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go see it!

Finally, the Chick's Pick for a summer snack that is in no way good for you, but is in all ways fun!

These Jolly Rancher Screaming Sours Soft & Chewy candy are tasty and are also a riot! We had a blast on our vacation eating these while playing board games. Half the fun was watching each others' faces get all puckered up due to the sourness of each one! So, due to this fact alone, I highly recommend!

What summer must-haves would you have on your list?
I'd love some of your recommendations, so please comment and let me know!

Until next time,
The list-making Chicken Wing :)

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