Friday, March 5, 2010


I've written in a previous post how much I love Tori Spelling (and her family, for that matter). If you missed it, you can check it out here. Either way, I've read her books (loved them) and I watch her show (love it) and I've got a pretty little package that will hopefully soon be on my doorstep, and it's all thanks to Tori Spelling!

I had a longer-length black necklace that I absolutely loved to wear until disaster struck - it got pulled when I was pulling on my coat and the black beads went EV.ERY.WHERE. It was a horrible mess, and needless to say, I was more than a little bit peeved since I'd only worn it maybe five times.

So, I've been on the hunt to replace said necklace, and I was wanting something with gold accents of some kind. Enter Tori Spelling.

I know you're drooling at this point, so I apologize for that, but this is the Tori Spelling Honeycomb Bead 18" Necklace. I saw a short video on the product and it looked positively lovely on the model. The selling point, however, was the price - they only had 18 left (18 is a lucky number for me) and it was on sale for $19.95 from $40! That's half price! So, I twisted my own arm, bit the bullet, and made the purchase! I should have it next week sometime, and I am very excited about this find!

Another reason for this purchase? Well, I am a member of a very popular online wedding community full of budget-savvy brides, DIY Goddesses, and all-around good people who live, breathe, and work in the wedding industry. Due to my love of all things wedding, I had to join! The inspiration there is outstanding and it comes in every category: wedding planning and execution, party planning ideas, color palettes, and cost effective plans for the everyday event. Even though I am not currently planning a wedding, I have helped several friends in the past, and event planning is something I'm passionate about. I really enjoy offering my ideas to brides-to-be from all over the world (you know, since they're gathered in one place!). It's become quite the hobby of mine, and who knows? Maybe I'll even get the chance to blog for them one day!

What is this community of goodness?

Yep, it's Weddingbee! (Check it out, here.)

So, the fact that Tori Spelling's necklace features a honeycomb (also known as the home for bees) just made this purchase even sweeter.

Sweet as honey, as a matter of fact. (Pun intended). :)

So, I will be sure to update you on my thoughts once I get my hot little hands on my precious, and if you want to snatch one up for yourself, just click the link under either picture of the necklace! We could be twins, and that would be awesome!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing


The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

I love Tori Spelling, too!! I have been wanting to read her books. That necklace is beautiful!

Marissa said...

Ooh, the necklace is lovely! I just might have to click over and snatch one up for myself! :o)

Chicken Wing said...

@The Less Than Domestic Goddess: Aww, she is fantastic, isn't she! Her books are fabulous - a little random, but I like them because it sounds like she's sitting there having a conversation with you! Thanks, I LOVE IT! I'm glad to see you stopped by! Welcome! :)

@Marissa: Thank you! It looks so pretty on! Definitely a statement piece, which is what I was looking for! And, it's surprising light, which I like! I say go for it!

Chicken Wing said...

Also, I've heard she's in the works of writing a new book! Can't wait to see what it's about!

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