Thursday, March 25, 2010

They Live Better Than Us!

I ran across this picture and absolutely almost died laughing. Because of that, I just had to share it with my Peeps.

It appeals to my love of Mediterranean-style architecture, Italian touches, and overall elegance.

Check it out.

The only problem? It's a wee bit small for me. You just looked at a designer dog house! A designer dog house that just happens to belong to model/actress Rachel Hunter's pets. It's a miniature (ha!) replica of her actual home that is just for her pooches!

I will not be showing this blog post to CiCi, MuChi, and Wilkie for fear of them revolting against me and demanding something of this caliber. Heck, that dog house is more attractive than our townhouse! It really slays me.

What is the world coming to? If I could just get that house, made human-size, for a tiny bit of money, that would be fantastic! Mmmkay, so somebody get to work on that! Thanks!

Until next time,

Miss Chicken Wing

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