Monday, March 1, 2010

The Only Thing That's Constant Is Change

Well, there have been many quotes that I've heard throughout my life that have touched my heart and really resonated with me. There are a few that I have already chosen to share here, with all of you, Peeps.

Some others are these:

"People plan and God laughs."

"The only thing that is constant in life is that things change."

Or, how about the Serenity Prayer: "God, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

One that I saw on a friend's Facebook profile yesterday really spoke to me, so I decided to share it with you - because I believe that sometimes, we all just need a little bit of inspiration to get us through to the next day.

The quote is this: "I believe that distance does to love what wind does to fire; it extinguishes the weak and feeds the strong."

Why does this stick with me? Because Mr. Chicken Wing accepted a fantastic job opportunity! It's just not located where I currently am.

Of course, there are two sides of thinking in every situation you encounter - the positive and the negative. I've completely pondered them both, and I'm choosing to side with the positive. I've been asked more times than I can count, "How do you feel about this?" Honestly, I am completely on board with his decision, because I genuinely believe that it is what's best for him, and it could be something that's really good for us in the future.

Yes, it is a bit different, but we haven't taken the "traditional" road yet in our relationship. We didn't start as most relationships do, most have told me we should have been married a long time ago, and there are those who really haven't agreed with our decision to cohabitate before marriage for the past three years. But, while our relationship is in no ways conventional, it's worked for us for the most part for the last six years of our lives, and this is a big change and a new path.

For those that know me well, you know that I am a planner to beat all planners - I love having a plan. "Itinerary" is not a bad or constricting word to me - I rejoice in it! The hardest part for me in this new leg of our journey is just not knowing how it will work. While we were seperated by a lot of miles and a few hours in the second year of our relationship (it was me that "left" for a job that time), we've been physically together ever since then. That will be the biggest transition for me - living life with three little furry mongrels and a tiny turtle, and trying to readjust to being "by myself."

As I said, though, I don't think this is a bad thing. I know that Mr. Chicken Wing has an opportunity to be great and to shine in doing what he's always wanted to do. I know that he will be able to see his family more now than he has in the past 10 years, and that is a fantastic added bonus. While we're sure to put a lot of miles on our vehicles, we might now have the opportunity to explore new places together and make memories that exist outside of our front door, which is a cool thing in itself.

Altogether, I'm doing well - I'm not falling apart, and I'm definitely not a weak or dependent personality - trust me, it's been one of my constant struggles in this coupling - Mr. Chicken Wing likes to be needed, and sometimes I have to work on needing him! What can I say? I like being the boss! Haha!

I'm excited to get to spend even more time with my friends and family, and I'm excited to throw myself into my work, and my pets, and my blogging even! I have big dreams, and I'm going to see them through - and I might just learn more about myself in the process. I truly believe that Mr. Chicken Wing and I can utilize this distance as an opportunity and as a blessing...we might both end up being who we've always wanted to be.

And, that's what we're here for, after all.

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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