Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've Got A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is...

Just kidding!  The real answer is "a new project!"  Even though I work in an office Monday - Friday, I moved my home office downstairs into a corner of the living room awhile back in order to create a general information hub for my home.  I wanted easy access to my social networks, to on-the-fly recipes, and for those times when you-can't-think-of-a-movie/TV show/actor or actress/etc.-and-you-have-to-look-it-up-straight-away-or-you'll-go-crazy.  You know, stuff like that.

Anyways, it's in the perfect place in the house, but the space itself leaves much to be desired in the way of becoming and staying organized.  Granted, this is definitely NOT one of my strong points anyways, but I've been making an effort.  I was gazing at the home office area last night and it just sort of hit me that I need to make some changes and I could unlock a world of potential in the style and organization categories.

First off, I was looking at the desk.  I love the desk.  It's streamlined and has a graphic design feel to it and actually offers ample workspace on the desktop.  The only additional feature it has is the pull-out keyboard tray.

Here's the problem with the desk, though.  There is absolutely no storage possibilities, which are pretty necessary in the home office department. 

So now I'm left craving something with more storage capacity.  Enter the mecca of design, and the place that causes thrifty folks like me to dream of having a million extra dollars laying around to go crazy with - Pottery Barn.  I love their Bedford Collection because it seems to be pretty close to what I will actually need, storage wise.


I like the fact that it's not a huge desk, because regardless of my storage needs, my space for the home office isn't getting any larger.  I also like the drawers, and the amount of workspace (the hutch on top is optional).  I'm going to keep my eyes peeled to see if I can find something similar that costs WAY less than the PB original.

The next obstacle that I'm pondering overcoming is the desk chair.  At present, I have a cumbersome model fairly similar to this:

Now, I wouldn't actually mind this, as the chair is pretty comfortable, but the problems I have with it are these:  1) The width of the chair, plus the arms, takes up so much room in that small corner.  2)  In order to have the height of the chair adjusted for comfort, you cannot push the chair up under the desk; thus, it sticks out or you have to adjust it every time you sit down.  3) The wheels are a nice touch, but really don't do anything since the office is on a carpeted floor.  They really just succeed in making indentures in said carpet. 

I might have to update this too.  It's something I'm considering.

So, this is the project I'm thinking of taking on.  I am determined to get everything organized and hopefully will be able to stretch my legs a little more in the design process (like adding damask, anyone???).  There is only so much you can do while renting, but I'm still hell bent on creating a home.  I don't have to own it, but I do have to be able to work it!

Are any of you taking on minor or major home projects?  If so, what are they?  Comment below!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing


Runaway Bride said...

Hey Miss Wing! Since Sir Fianco and I just moved, we are dealing with some of the same issues! Loveeee that desk, maybe check out IKEA or Target? On the Target trend, they have a really cool chair that's made out of bungee cords. Not sure how comfortable it is, but it has potential. Also if you want to add some color to the walls, we were in Home Depot the other day and they have REALLY cool wall decals in paisley (my fave) and dots and stripes and all kinds of fun stuff! I'm not usually a fan of wall decals cause some of them can be weird, but these were great! Good luck with everything and tell us how it turned out!

Chicken Wing said...

Hey hey, Runaway! I didn't realize you guys were moving until I read your blog post on it! I will keep my fingers crossed that the move goes fantastically! I do need to hit up IKEA or Target for more design inspiration! I've not yet seen this bungee chair you speak of, but you've definitely piqued my interest so I will have to check that out!

I've not seen the Home Depot wall decals, but they seem awesome! I have used the vinyl wall decal sayings and I got a great deal on mine at Kohl's! Plus, you can get coupons there all the time! It was very easy to apply and very easy to take down, so big win! I will keep you posted on my goings-on, and can't wait to hear more about your journey!

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