Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Are Family. I Got All My Sisters With Me!

After all the drama that had been furiously swirling around my life for the past few months, I knew there was only one thing that could pick me up better than anything else ever could.

So, Little Sister Chicken Wing and I made the two-hour trek to our state's capital city to visit two of my sorority sisters from college.  For the sake of protecting the innocent, we'll call them Al and Little Bit! 

Al is a gorgeous, super fun lady who was kind enough to house the Sisters Chicken Wing for the evening, and she is always a blast to hang out with!  In college, she was one of the only girls who wasn't afraid to get out there and shake it with me!  She is amazing at her job, and literally touches people's lives every day.  I absolutely adore her and always will! 

Little Bit is my darling Little Sister in our sorority and is one of the most amazing ladies this world has to offer.  She has always been there for me, no matter what. We've shared so many good times together, including when I stood beside her in her absolutely beautiful wedding (where she married another of my good friends, whom we'll call The Law).  I would do anything in the world for this lady.

So, on this very special (and very much-needed) Ladies Night Out, we went to dinner at the same place we went to for Little Bit and The Law's rehearsal dinner, Maggiano's!  Oh my amazing Italian food!  After stuffing ourselves to the brim with salad, calamari, fried zucchini (YUM!), lasagna, gnocchi with tomato vodka sauce, eggplant parmesan, chicken parmesan, apple crostada, and New York cheesecake, we hit up the same establishment that we went to for Little Bit's Bachelorette Party with our food babies proudly on display.

Naturally, that meant we had to DANCE OFF DINNER.  That we did, my friends.  That we did for hours.  It had to have been 110 degrees in there, but we brought it!  Here are some photos from the night!  I would show you more, but we were hot messes when we left, and by hot messes, I mean severely sweaty.  Not a good look for the blog recaps!
Miss CW sitting in The Law's HOT car!  It's a Hyundai Genesis, and it was sweet action!

Cheers!  From left:  Al, Little Bit, Miss CW, Little Sister CW

At the end of the night, The Law (L) and our other friend Copper (R) showed up!  College reunion!
Showstoppin' Sisters
So, all in all, it was a top night!  We had fun, we kicked back, we laughed and recalled good times gone by.  I love these ladies so much, and sometimes, all you really need are your girlfriends to make it all better!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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