Thursday, March 24, 2011

Okay, I'll Play - Blogger ABCs!

I heart blogs.  A lot.  Clearly, you're reading the one I heart the very most right now.  But I also heart other people's blogs.  I read a lot of them, and for many different reasons. 

Some are to make me laugh because the authors are hilarious.  Some are to make me feel better, because it's nice to know that someone else is going through the same situations you are (that relatability factor is HUGE in blogging).  Some are to glean inspiration and motivation (I am not even joking when I say that some of the bloggers I follow are the craftiest people ever born).

Every now and again, something will grace the pages of multiple blogs and I love reading the responses.  One that I've seen floating around for awhile now is the Blogger ABCs, in which you get to learn more about the blogger.  I've literally seen like 5 of my favorite bloggers participate THIS WEEK.  So, to the peer pressure I say, "Okay, I'll play!"

Here goes nothing:

A-Age:  26

B-Bed Size:  Queen

C-Chore You Hate:  Vacumming and dusting!

D-Dogs?  Um, heck to the yes!  Have you seen my adorable furry monsters?!?!  If not, you're severely missing out and need to click the "Meet the Furbabies" link above!

E-Essential Start To Your Day:  Taking the dogs outside.  You know, unless I'd like to clean up pee or the alternative.  (The answer is always 'no thanks' there).  As far as my day, though, it's either an ice cold Dr. Pepper or a hot cup of coffee from my Keurig.  (Just so you know, Keurig = love).

F-Favorite Color:  Fuschia, fo sho!

G-Gold Or Silver:  Both!!!!

H-Height:  5’6.5″

I-Instruments You Play:  The triangle or the tamborine.  Juuust kidding.  I usually prefer my God-given instrument.  When I sing, I have the voice of an angel. It's like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.  (Really kidding now. I've won multiple Grammys while alone in my car though, and that's on the real).

J-Job Title:  Research & Promotions Coordinator / Second Shooter Photographer / Event Planner / Blogger (Soooo, yeah.  I work.  A lot.)

K-Kids:  Not yet, but maybe someday.

L-Live:  Virginia, y'all!

M-Mom’s Name:  Dee (While most of you know me, a lot of you don't and I try to protect the innocent around here.  That's her nickname, and we'll just leave it at that!)

N-Nickname:  Oh geez, I've got nicknames for days.  Does that mean that people hate my real name?  Hmm, must ponder that.  Here we go:  Chicken Wing (duh!), Speedy, TV Barbie, Las Rapidas, KK (even though there are no "k's" in my name, Cate, Catie, Sugar, Shoog, Blondie, Cookie, Kitty, Kitten, Little One...that's all I can think of right now, but for crying out loud, that's a lot!

O-Overnight Hospital Stays:  I'm assuming I stayed overnight when I was born, but other than that, I've been really lucky! 

P-Pet Peeve:  Putting dirty dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is RIGHT THERE.  I also get majorly annoyed with people who interrupt you and talk over you in conversation.  Oh, and people who are mean just to be mean.  Get over yourselves and talk to Jesus.

Q-Quote From A Movie:  “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.”  Awesome!  (Go see "Due Date" for some inappropriate fun!)  Also, "You know why!" (Please see my last post if you missed it - hilarious!)

R-Right Or Left-Handed?  Right!

S-Siblings:  One younger sister, and then one brother, who is the baby of the family

T-Time You Wake Up:  The alarm is set for 6:45am.  When I actually get up, the snooze button has been hit numerous times, and it's usually 7:00am or 7:10am.  Whoops.

U-Underwear:  I have to admit that I have yet to understand this question, but I can officially say:  Yes, I wear them.

V-Vegetable You Dislike:  Not a fan of beets, brussel sprouts, or squash (even though it's better than the other two).

W-What Makes You Run Late?  Haha, my DNA!  Seriously, a better question would be what doesn't make me run late?

X-X-Rays You’ve Had Done:  Dental X-Rays, of course, and then I also had X-Rays done on my back when I had a pretty bad cheerleading injury in high school.  Other than that, I've been exceptionally lucky!

Y-Yummy Food You Make:  I make a pretty good meatloaf, but I think my specialties are my homemade macaroni and cheese, spinach and artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip, and cream cheese dip!  I get requests for those four!  I'm good with baking and with pasta!  LOL!

Z-Zoo, Favorite animal:  I would have to say the otters.  Those things are SO.DARN.CUTE.  If the zoo in question also has a water situation (like Sea World), I would also throw in dolphins and beluga whales!

I would LOVE to hear your answers to some of these, so comment me in some form!

Until next time,

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