Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bountiful Harvest Of Summer

One of the perks of working where I do is that people like to give us things!  They love to share their products and services with us, and for that we are all so very blessed!  A local farmer's market, orchard and wholesale nursery just dropped by and delivered a ton of delicious summertime delicacies just for us!

Want to see my spread (which was actually pretty small as far as quantity is concerned)?

Why yes, that would be fresh corn, cucumbers, zucchini, and peaches!  You're such good guessers!  I am blessed that such smarties read my blog!  Y'all make me smile real big!

Just looking at this picture makes me drool all over myself, so basically what I'm saying is that you should be glad you don't have to see more or be around me at this particular point in time!  I can't wait to fix that corn, add those cucumbers to my summer salads, and I'm going to make my darling Comanche deep-fry that zucchini for me so we can dip it in Yum-Yum sauce (which his sister stumbled upon in one of our local Food Lion stores!  For reals, y'all - you can buy the Yum-Yum!  Meet me in the aisle, it's goin' down!).  I also am looking forward to several afternoon and evening snacks of those juicy and delicious peaches!  Good and good for you!

There was also a special gem in my loot!  Check it out!

Aww, bless your heart, you little peach!

It's a peach shaped like a heart!  I die a million deaths over this insane amount of cuteness.  Seriously, I gushed about this for two minutes straight and showed it to everyone, who also thought it was adorable!  And now, that is continuing as I show it to all of you - you are welcome and you can each personally thank me later when you have time.

What's a girl to do with the cuteness that is this particular peach?  Well, send a fresh and fruity love note to a sexy man in uniform, duh!  And that's just what I did via picture message!  See?

I do heart him.  Like whoa.  The peach don't lie.
Hopefully, my precious peach served as much as an afternoon laugh to my Comanche as it will as a satisfying summer snack to me later (say that five times fast, won't you?).  This blessed gift just warms my heart and enlightens my soul because it means that summer is officially upon us and it's one of my favorite seasons (not that I have more than four to choose from or anything).

After my last post on goals, (and let's be honest, you all read it twice because it was so good), this gift decidedly helped me with Goal Number Three.  It's hard not to stop and enjoy the simple things when the simple things are dropped at your doorstep (or in our case, in our little break room).  Thanks be to God for having someone deliver when I needed them to!

Happy Summer and Happy Weekend, everyone!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing


Anonymous said...

I may or may not have drooled on my computer a little when I saw those peaches... ooooops

Chicken Wing said...

@brittanysalmon: HAHA! I laughed so hard when I read this! LOL! I may or may not have drooled when I smelled the peaches in my bag! SO GOOD! (Your blueberry post did that to me! Love some good blueberries!)

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