Friday, June 24, 2011

Goals Are Important

Every now and again, it's good to take some time to focus on your goals.  Having something to achieve is so important in life - the moment you stop trying for something is the moment boredom sets in and we all know what they say about idle hands being the devil's playground.  I've actually seen such boredom in action recently and it's amazing to me how unhappy people can become when they stop reaching for something greater.

I want to increase my chances of reaching my goals, so I thought that it would be best to keep myself accountable, and what better way to do that than to share a few goals with all of you so you can hold me to them! :)  Welcome to your homework, Peeps!  Here goes nothing.

1.  I would like to become more of a domestic goddess.

By domestic goddess, I mean that I would like to be better at all things home related.  I know that in order to accomplish this, I will have to practice better time management, as I have so little free time as it is.  Yes, that means that sometimes, I will have to give up my precious television or catching-up-on-the-magazine-subscription-I'm-four-months-behind-on in order to become the goddess I was intended to be. 

Help needed in the following areas: 
a.  Cooking - yeah, I have three dishes I can successfully make (and that's if I check the recipes a bazillion times).
b.  Cleaning/Organization - Okay, I'm sure we can all be better at this, but I know if I could accomplish a better system for myself, it would keep the anxiety and breathing into brown paper bags at a minimum.  Just kidding - there have been no actual documented panic attacks associated with having to clean or organize things.

Excuse the cell pic (that's me on the end back there) and the members of our Coupon Club at work!
2.  I want to become an awesome coupon queen!

You see, I have discovered that couponing is power, and I want to be better at it!  I have done pretty well so far, but there is vast room for improvement.  (Have you seen Extreme Couponing? Crazy Town, right?!?!)  While I don't have room for that kind of stockpiling, and mine is done on a much more pared-down level, I would love to know that I'm saving money on EVERYTHING I buy.  It's possible - inconvenient sometimes, and a lifestyle change - but possible! I really want to be able to save money!

I, along with some girls at work, even started a Coupon Club at our company, and basically we meet once a week to clip or organize our coupons, and share the ones we know we won't use.  For example, I don't have any children yet, so I have no use for Pull-Ups.  My coworker, though, has a little girl and she's in the midst of potty training.  I give her Pull-Ups coupons and she gives me M&M coupons.  I think it's a fair trade!

3.  Simply doing simple things.

I want to make more time to do simple things.  Day-tripping to the lake, taking a hike, having a picnic, laying by someone's pool, taking a drive somewhere, taking more pictures!  I want to enjoy the simple things in life!

I'm hoping these are some attainable goals - in my experience, having goals is great but overloading yourself with goals is a good way to set yourself up for failure.  While I have way more than three goals currently in my life, I have chosen these three to start with.  Once I accomplish these, I can focus on different ones, and hopefully by pacing myself, I can achieve them!

What about you?  What goals do you hope to soon achieve?

Until next time,

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