Friday, June 24, 2011

Test 1,2,3

Well, Peeps, as you might have noticed, there are a few changes as far as looks go around this here blog.  The reason?  Well, I had some posts scheduled for you and then all of a sudden the website that hosts my original blog background completely went down, leaving my posts completely unreadable.

BUMMER with a capital BUM!

But, in order to allow you all to still be able to read the blog while this problem is going on, I figured I'd just do the easiest thing and add a new background and signature (even though you won't be able to see my signature in any of the older posts).

Again, BUMMER.

But, honestly, you know it was me who wrote them because who else would be so crazy?  No one, that's who!

Hopefully, everything is up and running soon and you may wonder why I chose the background that I did.  Well, to be honest, I wanted to keep with the same color scheme as that's how I've branded the Wing.  Second, I've had SO MANY PEOPLE tell me that my icon makes them super hungry, so when I saw that my very own blog could be positioned as the tastiest dish you'll ever read, I had to take the plunge!

I hope you enjoy this backup background, and that you all are having a Fantabulous Friday!

Until next time,

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