Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awww, Look At The Baby! Pt. 2 - This One's For The Haters

I have been so surprised by the amount of questions I've gotten regarding the first post in my series about coolpon-ing (You thought I was going to give that up, didn't you?)!  You can find the post HERE if you missed it - and if you missed it, how dare you??! Just kidding!  The interest is definitely there, but I think that what's surprised me more than the interest were the haters that came out of the woodwork - the nonbelievers or downright angry folks, if you will. 

They have asked all sorts of questions that I didn't anticipate (and a few that I did), so I've decided that this post will be my rebuttal post.  Up first was the growing-in-popularity question:  Chicken Wing, are you going to become one of "those people?"

Cue the horrified face.
No, I am not going to become a glorified hoarder, and it's true that sometimes super extreme couponers make me angry.  I like to think of myself as a courteous coolpon-er.  I don't cut coolpons from 10+ papers so that I can swoop into your favorite store and steal every last item that you are looking for, just because it's on sale, and just because I can (insert evil laugh here).  I only buy the things that I need and I rarely EVER buy the last item.  The only way that happens is if other people buy all the items but one or two.  In my opinion, that's not my fault.

My primary goal is to only stockpile things I need/things I will use/things that will not go bad for forever.  For example, things I would love to create a stockpile of:  toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, deodorant, soap/bodywash, dental floss, etc.  These are things that I need and that I use every.single.day, so it makes sense to buy these things when they are at the rock bottom prices so I don't have to make spontaneous trips to the store because I accidentally ran out.  I'm not coolpon-ing in order to donate to charity, I'm coolpon-ing to make my life more comfortable, people!

I'm satisfied with my answer that NO, I will never be featured on Extreme Couponing, but if TLC wants to give me my own show simply for being awesome, I'm down with becoming famous for being famous - it's kind of a big trend right now.  Am I right, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Kristin Cavalleri?

On to the next question/statement from the haters.  "Oh geez, remind me never to go grocery shopping with you.  I bet that takes forever."  You know something, yes.  Yes, coolpon-ing takes time.  It takes time to cut the coolpons out of the paper.  It takes time to organize them.  It takes time to read the weekly circulars and try to figure out what items I use are on sale and where to get the best deal. It takes time to actually DO the shopping.  And for gosh sakes, it might take me a LITTLE bit longer to check out. 

Again, I refer back to trying my best to be a courteous coolpon-er.  If there is someone in line behind me, I inform them that I have coolpons and give them the option to move.  If they have less than me, I offer them the option to go in front of me.  If I have a coolpon for an item that isn't my favorite, and I see that someone in line behind me or in front of me has it in their cart, I will give them a coolpon, thus saving a complete stranger money.  I know that not everyone out there has the same practices and that sucks, but there isn't anything I can do about them.  But hating on the "regular" coolpon-ers, which I am a part of - the group who just needs to save their family's hard-earned money as best they can - is not cool, yo!  We take the time and put forth all the effort to coolpon and thus we get the reward of saving some money. 

As far as I'm concerned, YOU CAN

Finally, I've gotten the question from the haters of whether or not my account of my shopping trip with the Coupon Queeny is accurate.  For the answer to that, stay tuned to the next post in the series.

Until next time,

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