Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Matters Pt. 1

No, this post is not about Steve Urkel!  (Sorry to disappoint you!)  I realize that it may seem that I am leaving y'all hanging with the multiple "Part 1" blog posts recently, but I'm starting multiple blog series at a time - what can I say - I like to go big or go home.  One theme you may find throughout this blog is that I am the luckiest girl in the world.  In most cases and scenarios, that is absolutely true, and one region of my life that I feel the word "lucky" especially applies to is the family I was born into.

Now, I often say that friends are the family we choose because, let's face it, you have absolutely no control over the family you were born into.  Luckily for me, my family are also my friends, and that makes for one very happy Chicken Wing.

One thing that sets my family apart from most?  For the majority of my life, I grew up having two family reunions for each side of the family EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.  Seriously, this is a big deal. So big, in fact, that I became the topic of discussion during a college sociology class when the question was raised, "Who even has family reunions anymore?" and I was the only one who raised my hand.  (Subsequently, I was also the only one who raised my hand when asked if anyone enjoyed going to family reunions).

A few weeks ago, we had a small small-for-us family gathering on my dad's side of the family, and it was awesome.  It went the way it always does, with everyone bringing a dish that they made to the get-together.  Per usual, my mom stopped and got KFC fried chicken because it's hard to find a main course dish that travels well for 3.5 hours and let's be honest - she hates to cook, and by hates to cook, I mean she doesn't do it.

What did Comanche and I contribute to this shindig?  My favorite course - dessert. 

There's nothing like a flirty chef, right?

Am I the only one who likes to eat batter?

Whew, I am a lucky girl!

The finished product!  Yummy brownies!
Stay tuned on the family fun time that went down in good ole' North Cackalacky (North Carolina for all of you Yankees out there) seen through the lens of my new and awesome camera!!!

Until next time,

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