Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sooo Excited!!!!

Everyone always says that you should make time for yourself or you should do something just for you. Some people take bubble baths. Some get manicures, pedicures, or massages (or if they're extremely lucky, ALL THREE). As for me, I've just made the decision of what to do for myself that's just for Chicken Wing.

Chicken Wing decided that in addition to talking in third person, she also wanted a yearly subscription to Real Simple magazine. So guess what?!?!

Chicken Wing did it!

I can't wait for my first issue to arrive! I even am supposed to receive a free gift for signing up. This magazine is one of the most practical and helpful reads imaginable. From their "daily inspiration" articles to their "New Uses for Old Things" column, there is something for everyone between the covers of that magazine. I think my favorite thing about this mag is that, for some reason, when I read it, I really feel connected to the they knew I had a question about a better way to do something, and they felt compelled to answer it to help me out.

So, if you would like to check it out, go to their website. It's pretty awesome, and it's divided into sections across the top, so just click on the category that speaks to you, whether it's 'Home & Organizing,' 'Work & Life,' or 'Beauty & Fashion.'

Click the logo below to visit

Enjoy this new way to better yourself and your life!
Chicken Wing

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