Thursday, July 23, 2009

A True Honor...

As my faithful followers know, I am a HUGE supporter of the FOX hit show So You Think You Can Dance and last night was their 99th episode (I cannot wait for tonight's show - 100 episodes is a big deal).

Sure, they featured special guest judge Ellen Degeneres, who was hilarious, as usual. But something happened last night that left me honored to have been watching the show.

One of the world's best choreographers, Tyce DiOrio, created a piece that moved absolutely everyone in the audience. He used the power of dance to bring awareness to breast cancer, which has affected so many people. It's hard to imagine knowing someone who hasn't had to deal with cancer of some form, and breast cancer is one of the types that is seemingly unbiased in who it victimizes.

Tyce's number, featuring Top 8 contestants Melissa and Ade, was probably the most touching number I've ever seen, and I think that was evident by the fact that there was NOT a dry eye in the entire audience or judge's panel. I've never seen Head Judge Nigel Lythgoe cry before, but this number took him to a different place than normal, and it seemed that no one could remain composed while critiquing this work of dance excellence and genius. I'd like to share it with you, and if you know anyone who has faced or is facing this disease, please share it with them. I can't say that I've seen a more powerful exhibit of hope, and I want anyone who needs some hope to view this.

I pray that FOX will not take it down, as it raises awareness and creates positivity through adversity. I would never claim to own any rights to something this powerful and moving.

Please enjoy, and to those who are fighting - keep fighting. To those who have fought and won - congratulations. To those who have fought and lost - this piece will insure that everyone knows how hard you tried!

Melissa and Ade - "This Woman's Work" - song by Maxwell
Choreography by Tyce DiOrio

Keep fighting, and keep hoping.
Miss Inspired Chicken Wing

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