Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow, this is 100% pure awesomeness!

As you know, I love Michael Jackson, and you may have caught on that the majority of the ENTIRE WORLD loves Michael Jackson, too.

I ran across a shining example of a display of love for the late great King of Pop, and I felt compelled to share.

I haven't really spoken about the loss that the entertainment industry faced recently, because I still haven't quite found the best way to do it. That man had an impact on me - I believe that I love music and dance so much because of him. He was an innovator, and he was never afraid to leave his heart on the stage. I have so much admiration for him that it does make it hard to deal with the fact that he is no longer with us. I know his legacy is so much stronger than I'm sure even he ever believed it would be, and I am thankful for that. The world was a better place because of him, and I choose not to listen to those who only wanted to put negativity on his shoulders. I don't believe the allegations against him, and I don't believe I ever could.

But, back to the reason for this post - the awesome display of love that the people of Stockholm, Sweden exhibited.

Please view this, and again remember that I do not have the rights to anything. I believe that you will be just as impressed as me, and how cool this must have been to see in person!

Let's start a global revolution!!!

Enjoy, yall! (FYI: My beach vacation countdown is down to TWO DAYS! In two days I will be on VACATION!!! WOO HOO!!!)

Until next time,
Miss "Missin MJ" Chicken Wing

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