Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Muffin!!!

I recently wrote a post about the birthday of one of my sons, Mister MuChi the PooChi! Well, today is the FIFTH birthday of my "oldest furbaby" - CiCi Haven! I got my little princess right after graduating college and it was one of the most exciting and challenging adventures of my life to date.

CiCi with one of her favorite people, her Papa! He calls her his "spoiled little black puppy." I honestly don't think he even knows her name! Haha!

I graduated, Mr. Chicken Wing and I went to pick her out, and Momma Chicken Wing gave her to me as a graduation present. Why, you ask, would someone gift their newly graduated daughter with a puppy? Well, because I had gotten a job 4 hours away from home and would be living in a "foreign" city all by my lonesome and Momma didn't want me to be there completely by myself.
Thank you, Grammy, for buying me for my Momma!

I learned a whole new level of responsibility when raising CiCi - and I think I did a pretty good job. I get told all the time that she is the most well behaved dog that people had ever seen.

Seriously...look at that B-E-A-UTIFUL face!

From the early days of house training, getting her over her severe car sickness, and vet visits to get all her shots, to learning very early on that she was NOT going to be crated or gated (she got out of EVERYTHING...I mean she literally climbed with her little paws up and over the baby gate!). We survived long nights and some big storms (we lived right next to the beach) together. We survived one of the scariest events that has happened to me (and her) to date: When we got attacked by a pit bull in our apartment complex when I went to take her outside one night. Luckily, we both came out of it unharmed but both of us could barely stand due to our intense shaking.

Basically, it was her and me for a long time and she bonded to me like no other dog ever has. There were nights when I chose not to go out and hit the bars with my friends because I didn't want to leave her by herself. (Cue the head nod to the responsibility I was talking about earlier). And she and I made a lot of friends in the apartment complex because of meeting them when we were walking.

Somebody is wet and a little angry, but adorable nonetheless!

So, here is a very Happy 5th Birthday shout out to my Momma's girl - my little CiCi Muffin.

She is the best big sister to MuChi and Wilkie, and has brought so much joy to my life over the past five years. She's been a constant companion and one of the loves of my life.

CiCi and MuChi enjoying their favorite things - Chickey Chews (or Mini Dingos, as they are actually named)!

Happy Birthday, my girl - I hope we have many blessed years together, and I hope that you have been as happy being my baby as I have been being your momma.

My precious baby girl - one of the most photogenic dogs in the world. But, maybe I'm biased!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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