Thursday, August 5, 2010

Magical Pixie Dust!

For those of you in the blogging community, especially those like me who have never been considered a computer genius, you know that every cool little thing you discover is like magical pixie dust!  The next thing you know, you swear you just saw a leprechaun walking a unicorn across a rainbow!

My most recent dose of magical pixie dust is the little tiny icon of my beloved damask chicken wing!  You'll notice it by the web address in your browser bar and also on the name of the internet tab where you see THE BLOG OF THE CHICKEN WING.  This was a major victory for me and some of you may be wondering how to accomplish this yourselves, so I figured I wouldn't keep this pixie dust to myself!

For starters, this is called a favicon (fave-eye-con).  It's really just an extra-special touch as it's completely unnecessary, but I happen to like it and think it continues the branding of your site.  So, the first thing I did was read this article --> click here!  It was so easy to understand!  I used the first reference he gave to upload my icon, which was  After uploading my image, and sharpening +3, I chose option 2, which was "Host It at (Direct Link)."  I copied and pasted that code instead of the one that the first guy gave, just where he said to put it.  I hit 'Save,' 'View Blog,' and badda bing, badda boom - I had a favicon!  :)

I know this is such a simple accomplishment, but I am very happy to have figured it out finally!  I'd been wondering how to do this for a long time, and just couldn't think of the correct way to search for directions.  But, friends, this is yet another example of why we should never give up.  You'll get there one day, so keep chipping away and using your thinker, and everything will work itself out!  :)

Okay, enough tech talk for me.  I feel the need to go shopping to get back to something I've always been good at.  ;) 

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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