Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Appreciating Extended Family!

Something that I have always found extremely fascinating about dating is family. What I mean is that, in most cases, family plays a large role in your relationships.

In the beginning, your parent or parents shape your future. As a child, all you really know about love, you learn from your family and how they interact with one another. When you get older, your friends' families start to influence what you know about love. You find yourself picking and choosing things that you hope to embody later on in your life. For example, if your parents have specific roles and you like that setup, you may strive to find that type of partnership in a mate. If you have friends whose parents are mushy, gushy, and sickeningly romantic (and you think it's cute), you might think to yourself, "Self, remember to keep the playfullness in your future relationships, just like Kate's parents do."

Then, when you get into a serious relationship - or one that you think is important - family comes into play again. It's never easy when you love someone that your family does not (and vice versa - it's not fun when your family wants you to love someone that just doesn't give you those feelings). Then, if you're lucky enough to have your family like your mate, you have the scary pressure-filled "first meeting." His parents now have to like you. You find your mind racing with thoughts of, "Will they think I'm good enough for their son?"

Then, if all goes well on that front, and in your relationship, of course...BUM, BUM, BUM!

Then, you need to introduce both families to each other, and get on your knees and pray for the best! What if our moms clash? What if they have no similar interests? Will they be able to find common ground? Well...we might actually want to make our relationship into a marriage. As in, forever. Sharing and splitting holidays and traditions, who gets to see the grandkids on this day or that day - the thoughts are COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING - if you let them get that far.

Of course, yours truly did let them get that far - way back in the day. Remember, Mr. Chicken Wing and I have been dating for almost SIX YEARS. That's not chump change. In the beginning, I was terrified of meeting his family, and I can only imagine he felt the same way about meeting my family. All we knew was that we were each close with our families and that is what put the pressure on.

Luckily for us - we have two of the COOLEST families on the planet. His is bigger than mine in the immediate circle (he has two brothers and a sister, while I have one of each). Mine crushes his in size regarding extended family (he has approximately sixteen family members while I have a couple hundred). We grew up very differently, but we were both the oldest child, so we could bond on that. My family loves him, and I think his family is alright with me! That makes me happy! :)

So, this post is dedicated to Mr. Chicken Wing's family - who I regard as my extended family. They accepted me with open arms, and we always have a complete blast when we're with them. We also don't get to see them as much as with my family, so they need a special post so you - people in the Google machine - can see how purty they are!

But, before I do that, you need some introduction so you can see how this whole thing works out! We can't have my Peeps getting confused, now can we????

Well, without further ado, here is the "kid version."

Miss Chicken Wing, E-Money, Sis K

All of us crazy kids just being crazy.

Throw in some puppies, and it just gets crazier!!!

Cheers to liking each other a lot! We are awesome!

Miss Chicken Wing, Sis K, and some famous fur-men!

L-R: M-Slice, Mr. CW's Dad, Sis K, Bro T, Bro B, Miss CW, Mr. CW, and Mr. CW's Grandma

And the best part of all????? When my little brother and Mr. CW's little brother who are a week apart in age and go to the same college become the best of friends!!! It's literally like extending the family, and we all seem to have quite a few laughs in the rare times we get to see each other all together.

Speaking of said little brothers, can you spot the REAL Supermodel Mannequins???
Bro T (Mr. CW's little bro) and Bro D (my little bro)

Honestly, I know how lucky I am to have such great people surrounding me, and especially surrounding my relationship with Mr. CW. I love having extra outlets to talk to, and I love that we are all able to get along so well. I know tons of people who haven't lucked out the way that I have, and they are made painfully aware every day how bad they have it. I am so happy and grateful not to be in their shoes.
Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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