Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To My First-Born Son!!!!

Today is a very, very special day, indeed! Three years ago, which happened to be a Super Bowl Sunday, my first-born puppy-son, MuChi the PooChi (pronounced mooo - cheee the poooo - cheee) was born, and with that the Chicken Wing household grew in unconditional love and infinite cuteness! (Also, I should send a very special birthday shout-out to my fur-nieces??? Happy Birthday, Jordy and Izzy!!! Yes, between Mr. Chicken Wing's brother and us, we did in fact buy the whole litter of three puppies!!!)

So, in honor of my little man, enjoy this photo montage of none other than Mister Mooch!

MuChi Mohawk

My sweet baby sleeping

Daddy's Boy

Momma's Lap

Hey, big sister!!!

Check it out - my fur will grow long!

The sweetest furbabies in the world

With their cousins!

Our family Christmas picture 2009

My children should model for catalogs! :)

If you could say "no" to this face, something is seriously wrong with you!

Happy Birthday, little darling - I hope that we have made you as happy as you have made us, and I hope you will be our "little man" for many, many, many years to come!

Your Momma

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