Friday, April 16, 2010

First Thought of the Day

When I checked my email this morning, the Real Simple Daily Thought was this:

"Behind every successful a substantial amount of coffee." -Stephanie Piro

I had to laugh out loud because, for me, that's absolutely true! I never used to be that way - I was the girl that could not stand coffee, and I couldn't just "drink it because it was cool." When I was a kid, coffee was like smoking - young people were doing it to be part of the adult in-crowd.

And just like smoking, I never could bring myself to start coffee.

That is, until this past Christmas.

Enter the gift the Chicken Wing siblings (and Mr. Chicken Wing) gave to Momma Chicken Wing.

And, the gift that Mr. Chicken Wing's Momma gifted to us that very same Christmas.

Can you hear that? It's the angels singing. Source

It's the Keurig Coffee Maker. It's extraordinary. It's perfect for us, and so, so fast. There's no fuss and no mess, and no coffee grounds that I have to deal with. It was with Momma Chicken Wing's Keurig on Christmas morning that I discovered that there actually is a coffee that I don't mind.


Who am I kidding? "Don't mind?" I LOVE IT! It is the best coffee that I've ever had that isn't a frappucino!

Van Houtte's French Vanilla K Cups (Available lots of places - Bed, Bath, & Beyond's where I get them).

And the perfect complement to this one-cup wonder, also from Bed, Bath, & Beyond?

The To-Go Cup by Copco. It's plastic, dishwasher-safe, and eco-friendly. (I bought the pink one because it's proceeds go towards breast cancer research...a 2-for-1 do-gooder's dream!)

I absolutely love taking this to and from work in the mornings. I don't drink coffee every morning, but on the days I do, it's a wonderful process.

So, HUGE THANKS to Mr. Chicken Wing's Momma, who obviously loves us very much. (We hope she knows how much we love her back!)

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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