Monday, April 4, 2011

Musical Message For Your Week

One thing I greatly look forward to every Sunday is the message I receive from my church.  I'm telling you - there's nothing better to start your week off correctly than a little time with Jesus and a bunch of other people who love Him too.

Yesterday's message was a good one and I really took a lot away from it, but one of the most wonderful parts of yesterday's service was actually one of the songs they did.  My good girlfriend had heard this song before yesterday, and she got very excited when it started to play.  Once it picked up and I focused on the lyrics, I really was touched, as well.

You see, we've been talking a lot about the mysterious ways that God works in our lives for weeks now at church, and one of the recurring themes that our pastor has touched on is that God doesn't come to us in ways that we think He should - He does it on His own time and in His own way.  Sometimes, He comes to us in such a way that you honestly have to sit back in disbelief and wonder why He thought that was the way to go.

The reason this message has resonated with me so well is because I've seen it firsthand.  I think of certain situations I've been through, and I know that God must have been overwhelmed by the amount of prayers and pleading requests I'd sent up to him.  During those times, I genuinely felt one of two ways:  1) that God was ignoring me because my prayers were petty in comparison to others' or 2) that He wanted me to stay on the path that I was on.  After certain situations ended and I'd moved on to different things in my life, it was then that He appeared to me, and I have to admit - while I laughed at the irony, it all made perfect sense.

So, that is why the song you're about to hear fit so perfectly with that theme.  It reminds you that if you stay the course and keep your faithfulness strong, you'll find the answers you need when the time is right.  The "downtime" while we're waiting is just as important as the answers themselves.  I hope this message starts your week off right, too!  Happy Monday, Peeps!


Until next time,


Bethany said...

Caitlin - Thanks for sharing. I, too, love this song. We did it last week. It is just a great way to focus life in on God instead of me.

Chicken Wing said...

@Bethany: Hey, girl! You're more than welcome! I completely agree - the message is right on! It's honestly been so stuck in my head since we heard it two days ago! I figured out later that it was one of the songs in the movie "Fireproof," which I own but have never seen! LOL! Sad, right? I hope you've been doing well!

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