Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chicken Wing Went Shopping!

Well, I have to admit something, Peeps.  I haven't actually been shopping in a long time.  Well, that is until recently.  I love, love, love to window shop and I do that often.  But, due to being economically cautious, it's actually been awhile since I went shopping for myself, and I think I'd forgotten how important it is to do that sometimes.

I had an amazing girls' day with one of my best girlfriends recently, and we shopped until we dropped!  It was an awesome day!  So, I decided to share my pretties with you all, and sum up my day with this timeless, classic expression:

Are you, Charlie?  Are you?
You may have been wondering, "Were there ruffles involved?"  "Heck to the yes, there were ruffles involved," I exclaim!

Take, for example, this unbelievable purse that my lover, TJ Maxx, had waiting for me!  The best part?  I got this $60 bag for $25!

Personal cell phone picture of my precious!!!

TJ also helped me with a major need I had.  Imagine this:  you have a wedding to shoot where you will be on your feet for nine hours straight.  You go to put on your trusty, not-attractive-but-uber-comfortable, black shoes only to discover that the ankle strap is......wait for it........BROKEN!  THE HORROR!

So, lucky for me, I actually found a cute pair of BOC black ballet flats that are actually very comfortable!  BIG WIN for the Chicken Wing!  Check 'em out!

Also from TJ Maxx, I hit the jackpot!  Comanche and I went on a mini-trip for his birthday last year, and while in one of the shops there, we saw this section of glazed pottery-type items and we had no clue what they could be.  All I could tell was that they were gorgeous!  The saleslady explained to us that they were a new phenomenon called firepots!

Basically, they're your own little fireplace when you don't have one. Whether you use them on your patio for crisp evenings or in a cooler area of your home, they are a great option for instant warmth.  I will say, they won't heat your entire house or even an entire room, but they're great for folks like me who tend to stay cold all the time.  They also have a citronella version of the fuel gel so you can use that outdoors to keep the bugs at bay!  Double win!  The only reason Comanche and I didn't purchase one of those bad boys right on the spot was because one of the cheapest ones they had was $135.  Yes, you read that correctly - we didn't buy one.

At TJ Maxx, however, there was a GORGEOUS firepot on sale for THIRTY DOLLARS!!!!  After a quick call to Comanche to confirm that I wasn't just buying things to buy things, he reminded me that 1) I'm always cold, 2) I'd definitely use it, and 3) I'd been using an extremely ghetto "fireplace" which consisted of a medley of jar candles to help heat my living room.  Okay, so fail on the last one.  According to him, it only made sense for me to snatch one up since I was clearly desperate in the winter.  Done and done, and she's a beaut.  (You know, short for beautiful).  See?

Personal cell phone pic of my firepot in action!

Then, there was the highlight of my shopping trip. My friend and I ended up at the mall in Belk, when out of nowhere, I saw her.  Our eyes locked across the room.  She was so gorgeous, I couldn't look away - I was mesmerized.  She had exotic coloring and curves for days.  She even shared my love for damask. And ruffles.  Who is she?

I've been stalking this class-for-days, Kristen Stewart style dress  Seriously, for years!  I've tried on so many dresses like this, and they have never fit me.  My fiercly intelligent friend suggested for me to try it on in Petite sizes, even though I argued that I thought those dresses were only shorter in length for smaller people.  Who was wrong?  {Raises hand with guilty face on display}

What I love about this dress is that I can wear it to a variety of functions and it will be appropriate and class-a-frass at each and every one!  And, I also got this on sale 30% off!  Sorry, Charlie, but I think your phrase has a new owner in town.  Move along, and go fix your life.  Mmmkay, thanks for playing.

Until next time,

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