Friday, April 22, 2011

This Group Is Awesome!

Have you ever heard of a little band (and by little I mean two people) named

No?  Well, join the club because I literally just learned about them on Wednesday!  But, I have to say that they are pretty darn good!  Combine an adorable, quirky girl with a big, soulful voice and a slightly muscular All-American looking guy who can also carry a tune, and you've got Karmin!  Oh, and you'll need to throw in a bevy of instruments, from a guitar, to a keyboard, to a trumpet, to my favorite.......wait for it......a box.  Yes, I did just say 'a box.' 

But he rocks that box, let me tell you.  And that box rocks my socks off.  Okay, seriously, enough about the box.  How about an original song, followed by a cover?



I had never heard of them before I watched one of my favorite daytime talk shows, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and she found them on YouTube and begged them to please come on her show THE NEXT DAY.  Like, literally, someone who knows them had to be watching Ellen, hear her shout-out invitation to them, call them up, and have their people get in touch with her people, book a flight, and get their butts out there in ONE DAY.  Whew, just describing that makes me tired!

Needless to say, they killed it though!  Need proof?  This is the song they did on the show.


Okay, so by now you're thinking to yourself, "These two are pretty cute."  You're pondering how awesome it is that they found complementary voices in one another in order to make this group happen.  What if I told you that not only are they the founding members of a pretty fabulous musical act, but they are ENGAGED - to each other - as well?!?!?

Believe it.  That. just. happened.  Happy Good Friday, everyone!

Until next time,

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