Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons....

....well, you know what they say about that.  Let's just say that my week started off with an uber sour lemon!  After an unfortunate series of events, "I fought the curb and the curb won."  Big time.  Need proof?

All of the "ghetto" and none of the "fabulous."
There were multiple things that could have happened once I realized my original tire had a legitimate hole in it (and yes, by original tire, we are referring to the tire that was one of a set of four that I just purchased and  had put on my car two.months.ago.  Yeah, one of those tires.).

I could have sat on the curb on the side of the road and cried.  I could have yelled obscenities.  I could have tracked down the source of said hole in tire and beat him down.  I could have broken my foot by kicking the curb's behind.  I could have done a lot of things.  What did I do?

I called my hero.

Oh, herro, hero!  How YOU doin?
Yes, this incredible and very easy-on-the-eyes man woke up early on his day off, after working three twelve-hour shifts in a row.  He drove to find me, patiently and efficiently took bad tire off, put spare tire on, went and purchased me another tire, and then put that on when I got home from work.  Praise the Lord for sending this angel to me!

So, naturally, that was a horrible way to start off my Monday morning - I typically like to have peanut butter crackers for breakfast during the work week, not lemons.  But, that's life.  Sometimes, lemons happen.  And it's not like lemons are code-word for bad things - I happen to like lemons.  I love lemonaid of either the original yellow or pink variety.  I love lemon meringue pie.  I love lemon bars.  I love those old-school butter cookies with the lemon filling in them.  So, I say that when you get a lemon in life, make the most of it and move on.  Be grateful for what's going right, and know that the reason you can do so is because you've seen your fair share of lemons and know how to differentiate between the two.

In closing, I thought I'd leave you with an adorable and hilarious video of babies eating lemons.  You're welcome for the smilefest that is about to take place on your face.


Until next time,

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