Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay, so I must admit I've been a bad blogger recently - seriously, Miss Chicken Wing...eleven days without a post - who do you think you are? You've officially been put in TIME OUT!

Okay, so I've been bad, but I have a really good reason! You see, what had happened was...LOL! In all seriousness though, you'll notice that my last post was on Christmas - my very favorite holiday. I was absolutely blessed again this year, and I was able to take a WHOLE WEEK OF VACATION! Since Christmas came on a Friday this year, I was able to have the weekend directly following it, and then I decided to take the next Monday - Thursday off since New Years Day is a holiday for us at work. To me, it just made sense, and it was a well-needed break!

I can't wait to update you on the Christmas posts, because they are super fun, so that should be occupying my time in the very near future. As of right now, I have to finish telling you about the super awesome snowstorm that happened! :)

When I left you, I was showing you the progression of snowfall, and I let you in on the fact that we received about 17" of snow when all was said and done - talk about MAJOR SNOWAGE.

The next part of the equation is fun had in the snow, and so that's what this post is all about. Enjoy it, Peeps, as this will be a photo-heavy post!

Snow MuChi - photo by Little Sister Chicken Wing

Snow CiCi - Photo by Little Sister Chicken Wing

Until next time,
Your "Snow Documentor" Chicken Wing

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